(Solved) BMW ICOM A2 show voltage, unable to program

Several days ago, I send the following email to obdii365 engineer, with BMW ICOM A2 low voltage problem when do programming. This mail content as follows: 

When I use BMW ICOM A2 wifi do programming, car engine off or on, shows lower voltage. I have tried with other ISID too, virtual and native on DELL D630.
Reported values by ICOM A2 with engine off 11.3 , with engine on 12.8

I have tested other BMW diagnostics tool, it shows good voltage.
BMW reprogramming requires at least 13V, so I’m unable to do programming, I guess if I use other car for supply voltage to my car, will not be enough too.

Is there a firmware fix or else for this BMW ICOM? Is hardware fault?



Obdii365.com reply me as follows:

You need to get one additional MST-80 Voltage Regulator Diagnostic Tool, when you use ICOM A2 to program BMW, it will use almost 3 hours or more, show low battery is inevitable, connect to a MST-80 with a Battery Charger and Stability Voltage Equipment to keep ICOM A2 stable voltage.

MST-80 Voltage Regulator Diagnostic Tool

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