Free download and install BMW Standard Tools 2.12

BMW Standard Tools is a group of software distributed by BMW Group that contains several interoperating applications and drivers, including NCS Expert, WinKFP, NFS, Tool32 etc. Following are the free download and detail installation instruction offered.

Software:BMW Standard Tools 2.12 (INPA, EDIABAS Toolset32, NCS-expert etc)

Where can you get the BMW Standard Tool?
Free download BMW Standard Tools V2.12

Or get it in BMW ICOM Rheingold ISTA-D ISTA-P software HDD
Operating system: Win XP/Win 7

How install and setup BMW Standard Tools (SDT) step-by-step?
NOTE: We use INPA K+DCAN cable here.
 Install BMW Standard Tools 2.12
1. First must install bmw_std_tools_2.12, go to the folder and launch bmw_std_tools_2.12
Standard_Tools_Setup_2.12.exe to start the installation.
2. Select language and press OK.

3. We are informed that the installation will begin on the computer and it is
recommended to close all other existing applications. Press Next.

4. Accept the license and do next

5. The system will display BMW Standard Tools software information, click on Next to

6. Select the program components you want to install (no need driver). Press Next

7. Then the system will ask you if you want to change the locations of the data on your
drive, leave it to default.
EDIABAS location:

NFS location

INPA location

NCS Expert location:

8. This part of the setup creates a folder in the start menu to gather all launchers
9. Data backup is optional. You can leave the box to avoid a warning message. Then it
will create the icons on the desktop and in the Start menu.

10. You are asked to choose your interface type, STD: ODB for this procedure with K+
DCAN cable.

11. You are asked to choose the serial port to choose com1 and checked the USB box

12. The next program will bring the previous settings information, click “Install” to begin
the installation process.

13. The installation is in progress.

14. If the file does not exist you will get a warning message like 4 times, for our 4
files made. Made just skip each time (The catch is can not be in the good

15. That installation is complete, select “No, I will restart the computer later” option
and click on “Finish” button

16. Now we have to copy the files contained in BMW Standard tools v2.12 ENG 2012 in C:\
If you go into your hard drive you will find at the root folders:




In the
folder BMW Standard tools v2.12 ENG 2012 there are 3 files to copy:



Merged and replaced all when Windows asks you. Do not delete the files and then replace
because you lack data and shall appear bugs.

 Configure Cable
1. Installation is completed and we must configure our cable so that it is functional.
2. Connect your K+DCAN cable with computer, Windows will attempt to install a driver.
3. See in the start menu and right click on computer to manage to see this screen:

4. Then go into Device Manager to check if the INPA cable is well connected.

5. Right click and go to property and Driver tab.
Check The driver for Version
If this is not the case made to update the driver, search for a driver on my computer

6. Choose the folder location bmw std tools v2.12 ENG 2012 and select the folder K+DCAN Drivers

7. Windows installs the driver, check the driver version and Close.
In the port setting tab, go to Advanced. Check COM port setting. Here we set to COM1.

8. This is our port is configured there is no tested on the vehicle.

 Install Rheingold
If your vehicle is recognized you can proceed to install Rheingold 3.**.**. (Latest Rheingold V2015.08 ISTA 3.50)
C: \Ediabas \ Hardware \ OBD ODBSetup.exe start if you have an error launching
Seriel port.reg and repeated.
Installation Rheingold
You must have BMW Standard INPA 2.12 with 5.0.6 and 7.3.0 to run Ediabas rheingold
Rheingold is provided in a version without installation.
Unzip the folder where you want and run it by going to:
testergui \ bin \ relase \ istagui.exe
You can make a shortcut on the desktop istagui.exe


Free download BMW ICOM ISTA-D 3.53 Rheingold and installation

Here obdii365.com introduces 2 ways of installing BMW ICOM A2 Ista-D Rheingold based on our customers’ experience.
The first is if you have a proper installer (msi) and the second i call spoog en plak.

1. The proper installer is if you are running the whole package Ispi, Ista-D and Ista-P, KSD and ETK etc. so it will work like the dealer software where everything is linked together with ISPI.

2. Spoog en Plak is if you are just running ista-D

If you have down loaded the MSI and only running ista_D forget about it.
Just download base file in my previous post in this thread.

1. Delete the previous version
2. Run RGCleaner
3. Unzip base files to program files
4. Using 7Zip extract SqLiteDbs to Rheingold folder.
5. Send shortcut to desktop and run program
6. The License file is in Rheingold folder to register

If you are running Ispi and need to update you first have to modify the MSI Installer with SuperOrca

Here is a new update
SQLiteDbs 3.53.13
3.53.13 BASE

As for Iceman007 comment on E46
I normally get the BMW INPA K+DCan cable with the switch- it makes life easier.
You can buy or build an adapter cable that will join pin 7 & 8.
The E46 was more K-Line so for communication pin 7 & 8 must be joined.
It is by downloading very large files from various places.
Here is a version on torrent. 
KSD 12/2015

ETK 01/2016

As requested KSD and ETK



Super ICOM 2015.12V Win 8 SSD black screen solution


When install BWM ICOM A2 Super ICOM SSD (Solid Drive) on Lenovo ThinkPAD laptop, the windows turns to black screen.



1. Set computer/laptop to achi mode
2.Make sure your computer time is your local time.
3.PC has at least 4GB RAM

Support all SATA format laptop or computer which has 2GB(Recommend 4GB) memory.

Laptop Hardware requirements:
CPU: Intel Celeron 2.0 and above (i5 Recommend)
RAM: 2Gb and above (4Gb Recommend)
USB: 2.0 and above
Better use Dell D630 laptop.


Cheapest BMW ICOM A2 ISTA Win7 Windows Error Recovery

Here is the proper solution to the BMW ICOM A2+B+C ISTA-D ISTA-P Windows Error Recovery error by obdii365.com engineer.

Oone of BMW ICOM A2 wifi user has got the 2015.08V ISTA-D:3.50.10 ISTA-P: 3.56.002 hard drive,when he insert the hard drive to Win 7 laptop, the windows display error (error screen taken below) and then shut down.
“Windows Error Recovery
Windows failed to start.A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.To fix the problem:…”
1. Set the computer/laptop to achi mode.
2.Make sure the computer time is  the same as your local time.
3.Ensure your PC has 4G Inter space. Dell D630 4GB laptop works great.

Note: If the BMW ICOM HDD works,but the ISTA-P display error message”The screen resolution is insufficient to run this application”. All you need to do is to re-start the computer. Everything is OK.

BMW ICOM A2 don’t recognize ignition KL15 solution

BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool don’t recognize ignition KL15 solution is provided by obdii365.com engineer. 

BMW ICOM A2 don’t recognize ignition KL15. 

The ICOM don’t recognize ignition KL15 when I want to connect to BMW cars made after 2007.See attached image – KL15 is 0.0 V


Where is the problem? BMW ICOM is wrong? Be sent to the complaint? Or the whole software settings? This issue is urgent, please help and solutions.
Thank you.
We solved finally, read solution as follows
we searched for the problem over the weekend. And we solved it! Your ICOM is OK. But Slovak BMW dealer lied users – on purpose breaking original connector for diagnosis (2 interrupt pins), and a side compartment under the plastic cover placed right connector! (diagnostics do not know nobody, only they can).
This problem can have another, your customers, and so I send you pictures where the correct connector.


Wise way to buy BMW ICOM A2 without software

It’s a little expensive, i think, to buy a BMW ICOM A2+B+C diagnostic & programming system for a fresh car owner (BMW 3 series E46 320D 2005). Surfed the Internet, and found some ICOM Rheingold were offered in forums. But it is okay to do so? Honestly, a bit hesitant..

After a long-time consideration, decided to purchased a BMW ICOM A2, just the multiplexer without software shipped form HK.

Easy installation but no damage.. ICOM A2 interface, icom b most, some cables (20pin, usb, obd2, lan cable)
Then i downloaded
and installed it on VMware player in Dell D630 with Window XP operating system.. The software version was kind od old, but it’s okay for me.. As a freshman, installation guide is very necessary!! Google and lots of ICOM software installation guide there..

Next i connected BMW ICOM interface to the laptop and my E46 320D, to calibrate/ reset BMW steering angle sensor with EDIABAS Tool32.

My steps:
Start launching Toolset 32
Find the DSC module and click “open”, for example, a E90 2005 320D it is DSC_87.prg)
Drop down the “Jobs” list and find out “lenkwinkel dsc abgleichen” option, ignition on and double click the option. Wait for about 10 seconds until the job is finished.

The steering Angle is calibrated and VIN is matched to car. Done!
Wow, never did something wiser than this, you know. $200 USD i saved.