ICOM ISTA-D 4.01 with FSC Code Generator and BMWAi Coder

BMW ICOM latest software version V2016.9 ISTA-D 4.01 ISTA-P 3.59 with engineer programming software is available in obdii365.com.

Software version:
 ISTA-D 4.01.21
 VIN: 2016.8.23
Not connected 9000 days remaining
Software format: Windows 7 Hard Drive (HDD)

Software including:
BMW ETK: 2016.09
BMW KSD 09.2016 Multi-language
With free BMW Engineer Software (INPA, NCS Expert, WinKFP, Tool32, E-Sys 3.27.1, Psdzdata 59.0),BMW FSC code generator and BMW AiCoder.

BMW ICOM V2016.9 Software Display:
Multi-language available in diagnosing, programming and TIS diagram circuit: American English, British English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Indian, Greek, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.
System Requirements:
 Dual-core processor, better above I3; over 4G of memory
Support Model:
 It is recommended to use Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T400, T410, T420, T430, X61, X200, X201, X220 X230 and other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3 I5 / I7 series.



BMW ICOM and Xprog read write reset update FRM

This is a customer solution on how to use BMW coding software NCS Expert & WinKFP to read/backup bmw cas and frm, how to write win and vo to frm, how to reset frm default and how to update frm. Try at your on risk!

Tools to use:
PC to run Xprog v5.5.5 software, NCS Expert and WinKFP

FRM fix list:
NCS expert read/backup cas and frm
NCS expert write VIN and VO to FRM
NCS expert reset frm default according to VO
WINKFP update frm
WINKFP trying to locate the zb or zusb

NCS expert read/backup cas and frm
goto work folder delete nettodat.trc and fsw_psw.trc
load profile
f1 fg/zcs/fa
f3 zcs/fa f. ecu
f6 back
f4 process ecu
f2 change job
codierdaten_lesen (reads coding from ecu)
f4 reading ecu
goto work folder move nettodat.trc and fsw_psw.trc to a new folder CAS Original make files read only
f1 change ecu
f4 reading ecu
goto work folder move nettodat.trc and fsw_psw.trc to a new folder FRM Original make files read only

NCS expert write VIN and VO to FRM
load profile
f1 fg/zcs/fa
f3 zcs/fa f. ecu
f6 back
f4 process ecu
f2 change job
fa_write (writes FA aka VO to ecu)
f3 execute job
f2 change job
fgnr_schreiben (writes FG aka VIN to ecu)
f3 execute job

NCS expert reset frm default according to VO
goto work folder delete nettodat.trc and fsw_psw.trc
load profile
edit profile
click FSW/PSW
uncheck FSW-/PSW-Manipulate with FSW_PSW.MAN
f1 fg/zcs/fa
f3 zcs/fa f. ecu
f6 back
f4 process ecu
f2 change job
sg_codierren (writes coding to ecu)
f3 execute job

WINKFP update frm
f1 Comfort mode
f3 update ZUSB pick FRMR3
f4 enter vin
f8 done
f3 prog. zb-update
I don’t remember the rest from here but it updates the FRM. It takes 5-10 minutes and there is a progress bar.

If WINKFP update frm doesn’t work.
Updating WINKFP using BMW Coding Tool
extract the datens for your chasis into a folder
open BMW coding tool
select sp-source
choose the folder with the extracted datens
update WinKFP

WINKFP trying to locate the zb or zusb
(I don’t know)
f1 Comfort mode
f3 update ZUSB pick FRMR3
f4 enter vin
f8 done
f5 diagnosis
f1 ecu status
f2 ecu ident

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ICOM and Xprog fixed FRM3 module on BMW R56

Successfully repaired my dead FRM3 model on my BMW R56, with the MINIMUM cost (xprog and BMW ICOM Winkfp)! Here, i wanna share something useful with you all.xprog
Note: The setup below did work for me, but i’m not sure of yours. You are at your risk.

My model:
2011 BMW R56

Reason for FRM repair:
I disconnected the battery and the DME to change the thermostat and when I put it back together the FRM was dead.

Tool i used:Except the BMW ICOM A2 emulator plus ISTA+ I had, i also was shopping for xprog v5.55 boxes from
Before this whole ordeal of the junk BMW/MINI FRM dying the only software I used was playing with was Carly for iOS and Dashcommand. But cannot solve issues.

BKGD location:
BKGD is on the HC(S)12 BDM adapter in the attached photo.
Vdd(+5V) = Vcc
GND = GND (do not use the GND that is B0)
I think since we are not using the XCLKS and EXTAL flashing works with or without the BDM adapter.
Xprog m software installation:
I was not able to get this software to work with windows 7 64-bit. I was lucky enough to have an old HDD with windows 7 32-bit.
Before plugging in the xprog hardware go to system properties and change the device installation settings to never install driver software from windows update.
Xprog and FRM fix using Xprog:Once the software was setup I hooked up the frm to the xprog and tried to make a backup of the existing EPROM via the MCU/MPU -> Freescale 9S12XE -> MC9s12XEQ384_EEE profile. Error partition corrupted. Set the sector to 16. I also made a backup of the existing P-FLASH via the MCU/MPU -> Freescale 9S12XE -> MC9s12XEQ384_P-FLASH profile. I think I got errors the first few times I tried to do this but restarting the program resolved the error.
In the MCU/MPU -> Freescale 9S12XE -> MC9s12XEQ384_EEE profile: erase, blank, open good EEE dump, write, verify, close, new, read.
This took several tries because the read back was still showing as blank.
I removed the BDM adapter and went direct into the xprog box. I also closed the program and reopened it when it kept giving me errors. After I was able to get a good write to the FRM I installed it back into the car and it was working again with a couple of errors (xenon high beam failure and fog light failure).

NCS expert & WINKFP setup for FRM:In NCS expert I backed up the FRM, changed the VO and VIN, reset the FRM to factory and still had the high beam and fog errors. I proceeded to WINKFP to update the FRM and none of the ZB-numbers for my ECU worked. I updated WINKFP with BMW coding tool and the list of available ZB-numbers changed. After WINKFP was able to update the FRM I went back to NCS Expert and copied the VO from the CAS to the FRM and then set the FRM back to defaults. Everything was fixed. Fired up ISTA+ and cleared fault memory.

SOLVED!Afterwards I hooked the frm back to the xprog and made a backup of the EEE and pflash.
My FRM:R56 HIGH EKS 35 frm3r pl3 6135 3456395 01 23994322 sw141030 hw07 5324828c5
Internet file:R56 HIGH EKS 35 frm3r pl3 6135 3456987 01 23994322 sw156033 hw11 5324828r5
According to realoem parts 61353456395 and 61353456987 are Bilaterally exchangeable.
xprog-repair-frm3-1 xprog-repair-frm3-2 xprog-repair-frm3-3 xprog-repair-frm3-4
Hopefully this demonstrates to people it’s possible to repair these modules with the minimum cost.


Free download ICOM ISTA-P 3.59 EN software

ISTA-P software 3.59 can be downloaded free here. ISTA-P is multilingual, so software is EN.

ISTA-P En version .exe


paste the 2 files in a directory and run the .exe

a phone and loader

Access to ista-P file

More features


the executable file


the file






And the SHIFT



Recover BMW E84 FRM by Ncs Expert and Xprog

It’s an awesome guide that is a walk in the park. Helpful to those want to recover/resurrect BMW FRM model.

Model: BMW E84

ZB number: 9230450

Car condition:
The car has a 5year/125k miles warranty here. This car had 126k miles and 5 years and a couple of months now that the high pressure diesel pump and FMR module failed in the same month. Was horrible timing to break down on the road.

Tool solution (Xprog):
Got the Xprog-m box ecu programmer and I installed it with installing adobe, using the .reg file to mod the register and then I moved the xprog into C: drive and plugged in the module. I manually selected the win xp32bit drivers and it installed 2x drivers.

First try:Then I opened Xprog m programmer and selected com11 and tried to do a read of a Atmel AT93C66 Serial EEprom like all the vidoes (without sound ofc..) is doing as I assumed it’s reading a test ecu or smt inside the xprog. It failed and said bad conenction on pin XXXX. Maybe my assumption wrong so that I actually have to conenct this AT93C66 to the xprog to do the test. I’m not sure. If so I’ll just test it with the MCU but I didn’t want him to drive all the way to my place just to find out that I didn’t have a working install of Xprog..

Final try- SUCCESS!Connected the Xprog-m and it worked at first try to read out p-data. EEPROM was corrupt so it didn’t read out. Used a FRM .bin file from the first post and flashed EEPROM and p-data, did a readout and used beyond compare to compare the readout with the file I flashed and it was identical. Installed it in the car and had a few error messages but it lighted up and things started working again. I went into Winkfp hit update zusb, input the VIN and flashed. Opened Ncs expert software in expert mode, opened CAS to get vo/vin and hit “back” button to select NFRM and executed sg_codieren to code it with vo/vin. No errors and everything worked afterwards.

Hopefully, it helps someone.


How to install ISTA v4.01.22 Voltage Control tool

Here is a DIY guide on setting up BMW ICOM ISTA+ BMW v4.01.22 Voltage Control tool. Simulates voltage of connected interface.
Free download Voltage Control tool:
Voltage Control tool for standalone ISTA 4.01.22
Voltage Control tool (+ HW mod) for standalone ISTA 4.01.22
password: beemerboy88

Installation instructions:Unblock archive and extract files to \testergui\bin\release.
Create desktop shortcut for the voltage tool.

How to use:Start ISTA software first (if problems try running as admin).
Run voltage control tool.

Notes:Default voltage on startup is 14V.
Shutdown the control tool to restore real time voltage monitoring.