Retrofit BMW F10 KOMBI with 6WA "Black Panel" meter

How to retrofit KOMBI BMW F10 with 6WA "Black Panel" meter (go from the basic Instrument Cluster to 6WA)?

Model example: BMW F10 USA 535i 2011

(Credit to GermancaraTVO. You are at your risk)

Tools used:

Xprog m box ecu programmer
BMW ENET cable and E-sys coding software

From beginning to end - reset (mileage, VIN) => coding. Quickly and specifically according to the case. Finally - a happy owner!


The real mileage before zeroing - 75103 km (according to VIN the meter lived earlier)

Next, disassemble the meter to get the proper access to the elements with which I will work





Next comes the Xprog-m programmer, by means of which I gain access to the meter's memory and do zeroing.


Now with us on the table a ready to program / coding counter in the car with E-sys


Actually, the issue of coding for a specific car



And the end result without any kind of errors



Tools32 reactivate BMW Online and Internet Guide

Well after a lot of tinkering with this and that I’ve finaly done it. I’ve reactivated BMW Online and Internet.
Turns out you only need ediabas Tools32 and the jobs: lesen_provisioning_data and steuern_provisioning_data.

– Run the first one;
– Parse the data and generate a clean xml file;
– Change the apps you want to activate inside the file from inactive to active.
– Inject the file back into the car with the second job.

It’s that easy.

Be sure to use and hex editor to do it as text editor insert “trash” in the file.





When using the method described above, this is what to look for:

To activate BMW Online:
< bon>
< active>0< /active>
< onlinemode>1< /onlinemode>
< /bon>
Just change active from 0 to 1

And Internet:
< bin>
< active>0< /active>
< onlinemode>1< /onlinemode>
< /bin>
Just change active to 1 also.

On the Internet section you will also find this:
< disable>01< /disable>
< vmax>7< /vmax>
< /bin>
Changing disable to 00 and vmax to FF will give you “Internet in Motion”. It won’t lock anymore when you start driving.

You may also need other settings if you don’t have an incar SIM, in order to force these through bluetooh, but that’s also an easy fix!

Also, don’t get too adventurous and go changing stuff around if you don’t know what they do. You could get your head unit to get stuck in a boot loop.

It’s fixable, but just thought I’d leave a warning in case some of you get curious about changing stuff without understanding what it does.

To be on the safe side, also keep a backup of your car profiles. If you mess something up you can recover your settings this way.

More detais about:
– hex editor and how to generate clean xml file:
Used HxD to edit
Just dump the data from the first step to excel and grab only the hexadecimal portion using the tools available.
After that, dump the hex chain into HxD and you have a clean file.

– I didn’t VO code:
I FDL coded the settings to activate internet over bluetooth (you can find those settings in the forum) and then injected the customized provision file.
Just FDL coding or VO coding won’t work.

– faster to browse on idrive or directly on your phone:
When using data from bluetooth, browsing is way faster using the phone. But if you get all your favorite sites stored in the idrive, dispite being slower, it’s a lot more practical. Just select using one click and that’s it! Your hands remain free the whole time and you can focus on the road, while if using the phone you get a lot more distracted.



The latest rheingold BMW ICOM software goes to V2017.12 including ISTA-D 4.08.12 ISTA-P expert mode and free engineering software.

V2017.12 BMW ICOM Software version:

ISTA-D 4.08.12
VIN: 2017.10.10
Not connected 9000 days remaining

Software Including:
BMW ETK: 2017.11 (v3.1.60)
BMW KSD: 11.2017 Multi-language
BMW FSC Navigation Code Generator
BMWAiCoder for BMW Coding
With free BMW Engineer Software (INPA, NCS Expert, WinKFP, E-Sys 4.08.12, e-sys plus 4.08.12, tool32 61.5, BMW FSC code generator, newly added Dr.gini B020 diagnostic software, BMW AiCoder. )
Dr.gini B020 diagnostic software requires Ediabas properly installed and functional with a communication interface ( ICOM, ICOM Next, ENET coding cable, PASSTHRU or K+DCAN ),
the BMW manufactured before 2003 are not supported.

Multi-language available in diagnosing, programming and TIS diagram circuit: English, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese

System Requirements:

Dual-core processor, better above I3; over 4G of memory

Support Model:

It is recommended to use Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T400, T410, T420, T430, X61, X200, X201, X220 X230 and other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3 I5 / I7 series.

V2017.12 BMW ICOM software display:










How to download and code BMWAiCoder

BMW E-Sys F-series coding software is the most widely known BMW car coding program. Instead of providing powerful functionality, you have to install the Launcher for the token and install psdzdata. Also, there is an initial entry barriers because it is not easy to learn how to use and become proficient.
BMWAiCoder is a program that makes this entry barriers lower and easier to code. Just install BMWAiCoder and you can start using it in English, but each button has a number so you can easily code it by following the steps. However, it has a disadvantage in that it is limited in functionality and less stable than E-Sys. In addition, since the 4.6 version is no longer being updated and the author does not seem to be willing to update, it is better to use it to fix some coordinates quickly and easily, rather than using it as a full-blown coding tool.



If you unzip it, you can use it immediately and there is no installation process.
Depending on the vaccine, the executable program may be recognized as malicious code. In this case, please allow it. If you are worried, please delete it. (You are at your risk. Credit to Mr. jihunx)

How to use

Connect the vehicle and the laptop with a BMW ENET coding cable and turn on the vehicle.
Run BMWAiCoder.exe from the extracted folder .
When you run the program, the first firewall access pop-up may appear. Please select Accept.
After running the program, the download keywords window will open automatically. The process of downloading additional items to be coded on the Internet. Since it will be used in English,  Select English language and press Download button.
Do not worry if you have not seen this screen for the first time or if you accidentally hand it over. You can download again at any time by pressing Custom Menu.
The coding process is easy to explain. You’ll see a button with a number, you can complete the coding by following  buttons in order. Of course, with understanding of the coding and basic coding concepts.
Press 1. DetectCar and press 2. Connect to connect to the vehicle.
Press 3. Get ECUs List to bring up the entire module list.
From the list of ECUs, select the module you want to code.
Press Read Button to call up a list of coded coordinates that can be made in the module [1].
After changing the value of the desired item, press the [2] 5.Write button to raise the modified value to the vehicle [3].
If you want to cancel the modification and return to the original value, click the Restore button.

Download Rheingold ISTA + 4.09.13 Standalone version

The BMW ICOM ISTA standalone version is a version that disables some hardware checks and server checks that are unnecessary for individual users.
As you know, ISTA-D can receive the data related to the vehicle maintenance from the BMW server. If you are a general individual user, you can not access the BMW network anyway.
The installation process is similar to the basic ISTA-D installation process, and the required files are almost all contained within the archive. There is only an RCleaner that initializes the registry, which is included in the ISTA-D download link, so download it if you need it.


  • Rheingold ISTA + Standalone: ​​v4.09.13
  • SQLiteDBs: v4.09.12


How to solve BMW E-sys Read FA Failed Error

Here’s the expert solution to cannot access E-sys BMW F-series coding software read FA failed problem.

If you are new to coding, here are a few mistable you make.
The most common mistake is network configuration.
The following message is displayed when connection is not possible due to improper setting.
Read FA failed! Possibly there is no FA Stored in the VCM (C060)
negative response error:
code: the result contains an error
description: Service RDBI_FA has error in result: (Severity=2051) (Error Code=53311)
ErrorCodeDescription=module offline (Vendor code= 20039) (VendorCodeDesction=link is no longer active)
If you read it all the time, you can see that there is no link module.
That is why they did not connect.
The first thing to check when connecting is IP allocation.
Lock at the lower right clock.
Are you seeing this computer now?
Of course, those who hold a wireless AP with a router do no apply.
Those who are experiencing the above problems cannot use the wireless AP.
Is not there an X on that computer?
If X is displayed, the computer and the car are not connected.
Could be a bad cable.
(The exclam ation point on the computer is normal)
Or it maybe fixed allcation, not IP auto allcation.
Please follow the steps below.
Right-click the computer’s appearance in the photo above and click Open Network and Sharing Center.
Next, click Change adapter settings.
Right-click your wired network card and click Properties.
In Local Area Connection Properties, select TCP/IPv4 and click Properties
Then select Obtain and IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically and click OK to close all the windows you just opened and working.
If this does not work, then turn off the firewall!
From the Start menu, select Control Panel.
Select Windows Firewall.
If you do not see any of them, you can change the view criteria to a big icon or a small icon
Click on Windows Firewall on the left or off
And turn off all firewalls. (BMW ENET cable for F-series coding.)
If you are using a company or a public computer and you disable firewall,
If you can not turn off the firewall, you need to set the inbound settings seperately in
Advanced Settings.
It’s too difficult to explain this.
If you do not allow the program to be selected as an inbound rule,
You have to open the port number on the wire shark,
This should not be happening.
Do not code it on your company’s computer.
But if it is the same.
So you did not read my blog.
You shoud have pressed Connect as below.
Then no, no, no
You should see if your VIN number is on the Via Connection as VIN and select that option to connect.
If you see No ZGW Available as shown in the picture below, press reflash.
Hope it helps.

Note: The document was translated from Korean.


How to delete BMW car warning light using E-Sys

Sometimes when coding, warning lamps for various vehicles may be displayed. It usually happens when you touch the value of a feature that should not be touched. Some warning lights include a warning light that turns off and on after a short period of time, or disappears naturally over time. At this time, BMW ENET cable E-Sys you can delete the warning light of these vehicles through. Of course, the one-off error caused by coding mistake is that the warning light does not come on again after deleting the warning light, but if there is a fault in the vehicle, the warning light will come back on again.

First run E-Sys (basically the same as coding, run E-Sys with E-Sys Launcher).
And connect to the vehicle.
When connection is established, right click on FA folder on Coding screen and Activate FA.
Then External Application > External Application select from the E-Sys left screen .
Transmitter Double-click on the right side .
 When the Transmitter screen is displayed, Connect press the button at the bottom of the screen (if you press the Connect button, the connection will be displayed.
Predefined Services At the bottom of the list Clear all DTCs...., select the item that starts with.
Send Press the button at the bottom of the screen .
I did not capture the screen, but the results screen will display a message like this, and the warning light will be deleted immediately.

BMW i3 Coding Preferences with ENET E-sys Software

For those who are interested here are some coding preferences by using BMW ENET cable E-sys software:

Disable driver/passenger seatbelts warnings (audio and in display):
3001 -> Gurtzustandsanzeige_Beifahrer (Driver) -> nicht_atkiv
3001 -> Gurtzustandsanzeige_Fahrer (Passenger) -> nicht_atkiv
3001 -> SeatBeltReminder_Fahrer -> nicht_atkiv
3001 -> SeatBeltReminder_Beifahrer -> nicht_atkiv
3001 -> Initialwarnung -> nicht_atkiv
3001 -> SBR-PreWarning_Fahrer (Driver) -> nicht_atkiv
3001 -> SBR-PreWarning_Beifahrer (Passenger) -> nicht_atkiv
(some settings may already be set nicht_aktiv)

turn car off when driver's door is opened (removes need for second start/stop push to turn car off):
3020 -> TCM_LOGIC_R_OFF_DOOR -> aktiv

mirrors fold immediately when car is locked, unfold when car is unlocked, and windows can be opened/closed from key:
3056 -> KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_FB (Comfort Access ONLY) -> aktiv

reduce to 20 km/h the speed at which mirrors automatically unfold (useful to me even if the mirrors set to automatically unfold when unlocking since I sometimes fold the mirrors when parked in my garage but I don't lock the car):

change lane change turn signal to 5 blinks:

change frunk open function on remote to unlock rear hatch (med and long press):

turn on ventilation on med press of panic button (not sure how long ventilation stays on, presumably there is setting for that somewhere):
(note that by default a medium press is greater than 0.5 seconds and less than 2.0 seconds, the setting RC_TIME_DELAY_PANIC defines the maximum medium press time).

turn on door handle lights in reverse:

disable legal disclaimer:
3001 -> LEGAL_DISCLAIMER_TIME -> kein_ld

add rex hold mode menu item to settings:
3000 ->EV_MENU_AVAILABLE -> rex

add lock door after driving away setting to door lock menu:
(Interestingly if you set this back to nicht_aktiv the option will be removed from the menu but the car will continue to not lock the doors if the option was unchecked).

reduce volume to 50% of max when turning car on (defaults to 25%):
3002 -> VOL_MAX_ON -> 32

change fuel tank to euro size:
3005 -> TNK_LITER_RECHTS -> mcv_rex_liter_kl_rechts
3005 -> TNK_OHM_RECHTS -> mcv_rex_ohm_kl_rechts
3005 -> TNK_VOL_ANZEIGE -> 8_litre

sync car clock to GPS (requires clock to be initially set to within 2 (?) minutes of correct time):
3000 -> GPS_UHR -> aktiv

A setting I haven't found yet is the delay of turning off the PDC display when shifting out of reverse (my i3 does not have the parking assistant, so has no camera and rear sensors only). The PDC display switches to iDrive when driving forward based on speed and distance but both of these are too long for my preference. Googling finds a multitude of posts discussing how to permanently disable PDC and how to enable PDC after retrofitting but I haven't found any related to configuring it.

Finally, it would be nice if the arm/disarm sound could be made more subtle, i.e. my Audi makes a 'boop' sound when arming and nothing when disarming. But I suspect this isn't something that can be coded.


E-SYS access code by BMW and MINI model

For the part of the access code of the BMW car, code named the E-SYS can be different before the enemy gave descriptions are.
Here's a list of which access codes should be connected by car type.