Which tool is best for BMW programming and coding

A lot of people are wondering which tool for BMW would be the best in BMW programming and coding among Original AVDI Abritus Commander, BMW Explorer and AutoHex II.

Here are some reviews/reports to these tools based on various experienced mechanics/experts.

Original AVDI Abrites
Review I:

I personally have AVDI original BMW FULL running the latest software and i am not very satisfied with this tool. I am looking forward to buy another tool that support more modules/control units of BMW F series, that is able to do more coding/programming and adapting of used electronic parts like ( more focused in ECU, EGS plate, CAS ISN reading).

The tool i will be getting will be used mostly in f series 2008 and up to 2014 cars for adapting and coding used ecus from other cars.


DON'T WORK - Need lots of improvements:
1) AVDI sucks at flashing modules online with newest software.
2) Downgrading ecus that are flashed with ISTA p 45+ Not very good. Fails at signing at the end and f...s up the module.
3) Errors with setting up Signatures at the end of programming (don't work with old offline sw 10.5 and new software online sw v27)
4) Mileage calibration works ok in some modules but not in all of them so far i have not damaged any module during mileage calibration
5) ISN READING/WRITING of DDE/DME or CAS F Series. (doesn't work at all - Dont even bother) I have tried so far on f07, F01, F10---- (DOES NOT WORK.....wrote 100 times avdi about this issue. answer- sorry currently this feature is not supported blla blla blla) 
6) ISN READING/WRITINGin DDE/DME E series. ( I have tried to read DME CODE in a dozen of cars) --- Was able to read only one DME (PETROL). In order to read ISN, you need either to open the ECU or if you are lucky to have the set of (CAS,DDE/DME and the KEY) so you can read cas code to get the dde/dme code. 

7) ISN READING/WRITING in CAS - E series. Works ok 60-80% on CAS 2 and CAS 3, CAS 3+ if the car has not been updated via icom and has the latest software.

While programming
So far I have damaged: ZGWs, DSC, DDE/DME, Kombi (instrument cluster), FRM (light modules), climatronic and i was able to flash back and fix some of them with ICOM but some not since they lost communication over obd2. Maybe could be fixed with a programmer.

Does ok:
1) Diagnostic scan works 80% ok except (bmw x3 e83 scans ok but does not show DTCs)
2) AVDI works ok in E series coverage (50-70%) in most of ECUs coding (customization of ecu configurations like FRM, Clima, AIRBAG)
3) Vin number changing, Coding parameters, Synchronizing dde/cas/elv works ok in 75-90%
4) ISN Reading/writing in CAS E series, does 60%-80% of them (they have very behind with updates with some petrol cars (DME)
5) EGS ISN coding - does 30-40% i have done 5 of them failed 2 of them 

Customer support (never rely on them. They never help. AMS active. Don't give a damn about you. Trust me. Been 2+ years a customer of them. 

Review II:

AVDI - Mileage calibration works okay in some modules but not in all of them.

So far i have done E60, E70, E90 and i could not really succeeded without using other tools.

CAS 2 does not do it, CAS 3 did once had do reflash firmware ended up having issues then had to use BMW ICOM to reflash CAS so i could then do it with R260 on bench.

I Believe it is good only do reset DSC to zero and do TRANSFER CASE box.


Review I:
Autohex II is an excellent tool for BMW and support is 100% ok, adapt used ecu coding and also read isn in egs and its much cheaper than BMW explorer.

I have BMW Explorer and Autohex II.... I have also used them very often. Honestly, I strongly recommend Autohex for the following reasons:

1. Excellent in flashing and adapting modules.

2. Reads DME, CAS and EGS ISN perfect and stable.

3. I was able to reflash a faulty DME, and coded it to the car without hassle. Saved the customer some money.

4. Has very good Customer service and technical support teams. Always willing to assist you...

5. Key programming is pretty straight forward..

Yes, Autohex II users are very happy with the tool, because it works as it promises, as well as a great support.

Review II:
Autohex is excellent in what it does and it will save you from your mistakes, or your wishfull thinking. 

I like autohex 2, use it weekly in my shop. Everything from replacing DME, CAS modules, DSC modules. I mainly use it on E60/E90 chassis cars, on older E39/E46/E38/E53 I virginize DMEs by hand, as no tool can do those. 

Programming is nice and easy with autohex. Customer support is quick and is willing to connect with teamviewer very fast to troubleshoot/help you out. I've had a problem with the first hardware I received, it failed after a month. After I shipped it back out for warranty repair, it couldn't get delivered back to dubai. They sent me another interface at their cost, and matched the serial number to mine. Now that is amazing customer service, good luck finding another company that charges thousands for interface and is willing to send a replacement at their cost. 

Their recent update enabled manual/advanced coding for almost all modules, which is nice. You have more control over coding with it, and can easily always restore to original settings with a press of a button. 

Another bonus is that it does WIFI connection or USB. Wifi is convenient to not have wires in the way/etc.

I have AutohexII and I can tell you it's not the all singing all dancing tool they say.

I had to repair my tool before it would work for a start.

Support was not in any way helpful when I needed it.

The interface itself is quite clunky to use.
For example, if you want to code keys, it has to scan every module in the car before it takes you to the coding screen, this takes quite a few mins to complete.
There is no information about the CAS like software version it's running on this screen, it does have key code though.
If you want to synch the CAS/DME at the end of the operation, you have to exit this screen and navigate you way through another entire branch of menu's to do this.
Every time you exit and enter a menu branch, it has to re-scan all the modules in the car, this takes a long time and is quite painful.

It's as safe as any other tool doing downgrades on CAS, ie click and hope.
I bought this tool specifically for key coding so that I wouldn't have to downgrade the CAS.
It is supposed to be able to read ISN from a lot of different DME's.
In my experience, it is hit and miss on this.
Support will tell you that it can take an hour to read an ISN from certain ECU's but they won't tell you which ones they are.
During the reading process on a lot of DME's, odd clicking noises come from the engine bay of the car, the software flashes warnings up for a split second and then removes them, the list goes on.

Software upgrades are not announced to the customers, I just randomly update mine every month or so.

Do I use it, yes but I only use it for simple key coding jobs which could be completed with a Chinese Multitool just as easily.
I don't have enough faith in this tool (or any other) to downgrade a CAS.

Telling customers that your support is great does not count, only customers can tell you your support is great.

Finally, this tool has caused me more headaches than it has solved, maybe one day it will impress me but today is not that day.

Review III:
Autohex is the first tool I grab. All tools have their specifics but for the money Autohex is #1 in my opinion.

I think you sore about something with this tool. Give it a second try. The newest update read / write ISN and other stuff on the table.

I'm trying now as we speak. Works 100%.
i have this tool also as i have all other tools.
i have been working in the isn extraction for 17 years i use to do them manually the read and transfer also the checksum calculation use to give me a big head ace , i had to buy tools used for remapping so i can read the engine ecu by debugger and by bdm and read and write on the table .

BMW Explorer:

Hi, as many coders are already aware, the F series BMWs have time locks built into the DME, prohibiting reading and writing of certain parameters such as ISN (secret key), VMax (electronically limited top speed) and KAT (delete the painfully annoying CEL and fault due to sport or catless downpipes). ECU Explorer is a tool designed specifically to read and write the internal eeprom of the DMEs used in many current BMW models. The eeprom is where the hour counter is located, using this tool should allow you to reset your hour counter therefore unlocking time locked parameters such as VMax. 
So far I have successfully removed my DME from my car (with some awesome help from mechanic, opened the case, shorted the required pin and connected to my computer, unfortunately by the time I got there I ran into software problems and decided to hold off until I had more time. 
Since, I have gotten my car back together and running perfectly with no faults, and also figured out the next step in the software. The hard part is out of the way, I've successfully done the required physical hacking of the board, all that's left is for me to find time to remove my DME again and finish the process with ECU Explorer. 

To sum up:
There is no such thing as a best or perfect tool.
Expert who had all these tools says:

1. autohex (re-prog very fast + safe,coding too..this tool not make re-calc,going future)
2. avdi (re-prog %50 sometime give defective to ecus,in next days will be better)
3. explorer (good tool but not support re-prog)

with autohex2 all is history . all is done by obd . also for programming .
avdi is 70% reliable for isn and 0% for programming . i had to make emergency flashing many times due to programming with avdi.
bmw explorer is same as autohex2 but lacks the programming function .
only disadvantage for autohex2 is when your subscription is over you cannot make isan calculation.
bmw explorer is done offline for isn.


BMW ICOM or ENET cable to reflash BMW ZGM

Here are some tips aimed to help reflash BMW F series ZGM with E-sys v3.22.5 coding software.

to reflash BMW ZGM for F series

BMW ENET (OBDII to Ethernet) cable?
BMW ICOM A2 emulator?

–> tools discussion quoted from a bmw forum:
SanDiegoF12: Why is an BMW ICOM A2 required instead of just using the OBDII to Ethernet cable?
erdengurcan: ICOM A2 more stable than enet cable. For example: When you update ZGW via ENET, sometimes car stays on transport mode. But via ICOM it always come back to normal mode.
2real4u: A more technical reason is lack of DHCP server when connecting with ENET interface. This does not affect connection over DCAN, which is supported by BMW ICOM, but cannot be accomplished with ENET cable.
Working BMW E-sys v3.22.5 and psdzdata v49.4:

[Tips] How to reflash BMW ZGM with E-Sys?
Error message when fail to flash ZGM:
MCDDiagService id=240900, job=com.bmw.psdz.jobs.common.MCD3_ActivateProgMode , service=RC_GAC – RoutineControl GetActualConfig, description=error: timeout, link=Physical request to ECU with address 0×10>
possible solutions:
*Use direct connection via gateway url instead of via vin to tcp://ip address of your car:6801 eg tcp://
*In Tal Processing | Parameters uncheck “Switch gateway(s) to programming mode”
Hope this helps anyone.


DIY enable BMW ENET cable with WiFi Connection

I have too much time on my hands and like to solve problems. Got tired of always plugging in the BMW ENET Ethernet to OBD F-series coding cable for coding and diagnostics so I decided to explore a wireless alternative. The idea is to leave a module plugged into the OBD2 port and switch the ignition and the module on, then code/diagnose from the comfort of my sofa.




E-sys software running ok

set up ISTA on ENET on sofa


What I basically did is hack a TP-Link TL-WR802N, an 38-pin OBD2 connector (see picture below), buck converter and miscellaneous parts to build the final product. I tried the concept before I integrated all the parts and armed with Wireshark, I devised a configuration for the wireless router to work with the car.

I may still need to tweak few things for the box but overall it works really well, and I don't have to sit anymore in my garage to code or diagnose! It was too much miniature soldering in tight areas, if a product like this exists I'd gladly buy it and not build it!


How to set up ISTA-P Native on K+DCAN

It is now easily possible to have ISTA-P and ISTA-D running natively on a modest laptop without multiple virtual machines.

Although slightly out of date, software is now at v54 I believe, it's very powerful. I still use Standard Tools for most things but ISTA-D is a great diagnostic tool. The native install can be updated by simply replacing the ISTAP folder from a newer version. WSM will not be updated of course and ISPI NEXT will soon take over anyway.

Best of all, both work with a $18 INPA K+DCAN cable. Albeit ISTA-P will require a free ICOM Emulator. If you do not have free one, you need to buy.

I have tested this on a 500gb HDD 8gb RAM laptop running win7 x64. Results are very good. Don't worry about ISTA-P MOST requirement. With expert mode you can select which modules you program.

Download is via torrent:

Torrent link for ISTA-P:
BMW ICOM Emulator Registration XMLS:

Magnet Link for ICOM Emulator:
magnet:?xt=urn:btih408C34EB285E48CB3AB61C1448911 9C836BC50C&dn=BMW%20ICOM%20emulator%20v3.1%20Rev%2 8b%29&tr=http%3a%2f%2fbt3.rutracker.org%2fann%3fuk %3dTsC40pcY55&tr=http%3a%2f%2fretracker.local%2fan nounce

If the torrent does not work, here is a good place to buy.

Below is copied from another forum, I don't take any credit for it, but happy to answer queries.


Works on XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10


Unblock the rar archive before extracting i.e right click > properties > click "unblock".
Use WinRAR V5 to extract.
Ediabas 7.3 needs to be installed
Disable firewall to avoid blocking issues - This is not needed as you can allow all service requests access when the popup appears.
Voltage constant has been added - to remove this form Emulator use:


Delete IFS.ServicesImplementation.dll in:


then rename _orig_IFS.ServicesImplementation.dll to IFS.ServicesImplementation.dll 


Compatible with Chinese ICOM A1 & ICOM A2, Original ICOMs and Emulator will need registering

Basic Instructions:

***Setup your HDD into 3 partitions C - D - E***

C or D can be used as the main install location. 
If you choose C for main install then D and E need only be 2GB partitions.

1. Put the large "apps" folder in the root directory of disk C:


2. Copy the file "WindowCleaner.exe" to C:\Windows\System32\

3. Copy the "ISIS" folder to C:\ProgramData\

Note: ProgramData folder may be hidden. If so go to folder options in control panel to unhide.

4. Copy the "WorkUser" folder to C:\Users\

5. Copy the files START-ISTA.exe and STOP-ISTA.exe to your desktop

6. Rename your Network Card to "Eth0"

7. Write down your PC network card mac address and in file:


change the mac address to match your own

8. Run "Setup.exe" as administrator (also disable your firewall/temporarily disable anti virus)

9. Restart your computer


Register your ICOM if needed (ICOM A1 clone is already set up).

Start ISTA using icon on desktop. 

**YOU MUS USE 'STOP-ISTA.EXE' after closing the application.


How to run ISTAP native with K+DCAN interface using ICOM emulator

1. Disable firewall.
2. Remove voltage constant.
3. Extract and copy the ICOM emulator xml files to:


4. In VMware network editor, ensure "VMnet0" is set to "bridged" and your LAN network adaptor is selected in the drop down menu.

5. In VMware network editor, add a new network called "VMnet3" and set it up as shown in the picture below:

Note: Click "apply" and "ok" and close down VMware.

6. Open VMware again and start emulator using the k+dcan snapshot. Once it has loaded up, go to the vm settings and change network adaptor 1 to "VMnet3(host only)". Click "ok" then wait 30 seconds for network to re-initialise.

note: you can now create new snapshot if you want.

7. Connect K+DCAN cable to emulator and car and run "ifhsrv32" using icon on emulator desktop.

note: ensure k+dcan cable usb icon is active in the vm.

8. Start ISTAP native, start a session and choose "ICOM emulator" in connection manager screen.

note: if everything is ok, the led on your cable should start to flash after a minute or so. If not, recheck emulator settings (i.e. com9, latency timer set to 1 etc.).


2016.7V BMW ICOM ISTA-D 3.55 ISTA-P 3.59

BMW ICOM engineer and programming software has newly released to V2016.07 with ISTA-D 3.55.31 and ISTA-P for windows 7 operating system.

Software version:
 ISTA-D 3.55.31
 VIN: 2016.5.09

Support Multi-language in diagnose and programming, also TIS diagram circuit: American English, British English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Indian, Greek, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.
Works together with BMW ICOM, ICOM A2, ICOM A3, BMW ICOM PRO+A3





2016.7V BMW ICOM Software including:
No.Software NameSoftware Function
1ISPI-NEXT Admin ToolsISPI-NEXT authorization software
2ISPI Admin ClientISPI-NEXT authorization management and environment Configuration software
3ISTA-D(Rheingold)Diagnostic and repair guide, including Diagrams and disassembly Figure
4ISTA-P(ISSS-NEXT)Programming and coding software system
5HDD-UpdateNavigation software upgrade back-office services
(function with ISTA-P, need to Import map files)
6KSDWork software
7ETKAccessories Catalog
8E-SYSEngineer Software for F series (available for programming and coding)
9WINKFPEngineer Software for E series, for programming
10NCS-Expert toolEngineer Software for E series, for coding
11INPAEngineer Software for E series, for diagnosis
12Tool32Engineer Software for E series, able to run directly
13BMW Coding ToolAuxiliary Software of Engineer Software for E series
(Available to import model data to WINKFP and NSC)
14NcsDummyAuxiliary Software of Engineer Software for E series (Available to modify NCS data)
15IToolRadarUsed to recognize ICOM, activate or release ICOM Port
16EasyConnectUsed to Configure the Environment Parameter of
Engineer Software for E series, can activate or release ICOM Port

System Requirements:

 Dual-core processor, better above I3; over 4G of memory

Support Model:

 It is recommended to use Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T400, T410, T420, T430, X61, X200, X201, X220 X230 and other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3 I5 / I7 series.


How to install BMW ENET E-sys on Windows and MacBook

Here are the instructions for getting BMW ENET cable (Ethernet to OBD) Interface E-Sys F-series coding software running in a Virtual Windows environment running under MacOSX.

Please note that these instructions have been prepared from a MacBook Pro running MacOS version 10.7.4, along with VMWare Fusion version 4.1.2 (not in bootcamp mode), running Windows 7 (x86) SP1.
The configuration and instructions prepared for E-Sys can be followed exactly as they have been prepared for the Windows environment here within the virtual windows as well.
Please configure the VMWare Network Adapter to have a bridged connection to the OSX physical adapter, as in the following screenshot:
E-sys-on-macosx-1   Note: at the time this screenshot was captured, the Ethernet wire was not connected to the car, hence it is shows a red circle in front of the title “Ethernet”. Once connected to the car (or any active ethernet wire), the circle will be green.
If disk space is of no concern, then the rest of the instructions below can be ignored. However, considering the size of the psdzdata folder (approximately 15 gigabytes and growing per release), and usually virtual machines do not have as much disk space available to them as the parent OS, one can store the psdzdata folder on the Mac side and allow E-Sys to see the files from within the virtual windows.
Ensure that Windows is able to see a folder on the MacOS environment as a standard shared resource. The easiest way to do this is to enable Shared Folders and Mirror the Downloads folder to be the same between the virtual Windows and MacOS:
Now, create a folder called “BMW” or anything else that is desired on the Mac’s Downloads folder. The contents of the MacOSX downloads folder will be available in Windows via Z:\Downloads under Windows Explorer.
In the ~/Users/username/Downloads/BMW folder, create a folder called: “ESysData”, and copy the contents of the folder “C:\EsysData” to the “Z:\Downloads\BMW\EsysData” folder. Now extract the entire downloaded “psdzdata” folder content in the psdzdata folder of the MacOS environment. Lastly, copy (not move) the contents of the following folder:
to the following folder within the EsysData folder structure created above:
Please note that the “username” that appears in the above two paths will be the MacOS user’s username. Also, considering the fact that the Windows filesystem does not support case-sensitivity, the folder name cases specified above do not have any significance other than readability.
In E-Sys coding software, from the “Options” menu select “Settings…” and then select the “Program” tab. Ensure that the EsysData folder path is correctly specified with respect to where they are on the MacOSX environment and the Windows shared folder path. See screenshot:
The EST file also needs to be mapped to E-Sys, and this file can be stored on the Mac side as well. Although it does not have a significant file size, it is advantageous to have this file on the Mac side for those who use Time Capsule as a backup solution and would like these files to be backed-up. In this case, the following illustration shows where the location of the EST file can been configured:
The rest of the instructions that have been prepared for windows need to be followed in order to alter the coding of a BMW via E-Sys running in VMWare Fusion and MacOSX.


How to flash BMW Alpina B3 with ICOM Winkfp

Here is the DIY guide just provides the instructions on how to flash BMW Alpina B3 with the Winkfp software.

Note: I do not hold any responsibility if you damage your car.

DIY Guide to Flash Alpina B3 Flash:

WARNING...If you don‘t know what your doing, dont be brave and blindly go into this advanced flashing of software into the TCU module.. If your not too confident in doing this, either pay someone or just do without it.....WinKFP is a very dangerous tool but yet its awesome and in terms of coding its pretty advanced.. Proceed after reading this warning if you choose to do so... 

This flash will make the transmission run smoother, gear change will be more precise and crisp, rev match downshift is unbelievable, rev limiter is increased and overall driveability is increased. You will have a new indicator for gear selection in D mode which display D1, D2, D3 ,D4, D5 and in DS mode you will see S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 and the same for the M mode. This single flash will make the car change gears more refined and crisp. You will no longer feel the lurching when the tranny shifts and it goes through the gears without even the slightest hesitation. It is indeed a must have flash if you own a E9x with a N54 engine...

This Alpina TCU flash works for model years 3/07 till present N54/N55 engine (some N55 engines which are rare, exhibit the rpms jumping down to zero on each shift but acts normal in every other way..This can be addressed if you update your DME version if you have this erratic rpm issue after flash). If your production date is before 3/07, your out of luck and cant flash your car! Before you attempt this you should have some knowledge in coding and setting software. You need to confirm INPA software is working and communicating with car. If you dont have INPA communicating, dont move beyond this point and go back and do some more research on getting it to work.. There are plenty of DIY guides for setting up INPA, Ediabas, NCSexpert and WinKFP, 

You can purchase a proven INPA K+dcan cable that works...

Once you have configured your laptop properly with INPA, NCS expert and WinKFP, you need to download Spdaten 53.0 which I have provided a link to download a condensed form for the strict purpose of this Alpina flash. The link for the SPdaten 53.0 is not the entire version and doesn't have the other data files needed to flash other modules if you need them, this is strictly for Alpina flash which makes the download much quicker...


If you failed to download link, you can also buy ISTA hard drive containing INPA, Ncs expert,winkfp etc for BMW ICOM.

Follow the guide how to import the SPdaten 53.0 data into Winkfp by downloading the PDF I have provided below..Once you have the data imported into Winkfp then you need to configure the Winkfp..follow this


Once Winkfp is configured correctly your ready to begin the flash of your new Alpina B3 software into your car!!

IMPORTANT..For those using Procede or JB4 make sure the tune is set to VALET map 0 before you start the flash..

Here we go:

-Make sure your battery is good if not get a battery charger

-Open drivers door and turn ignition ON (cluster guage on) Basically hit the start button twice without starting car..

-connect cable to obd connector of car

-Load Winkpf software

-Press (F1) comfort mode

-Press (F3) Update ZUSB

-Choose ECU GKE215

-Press (F2) Choose ZUSB

-Choose ECU GKE215 and next to it there will be ZB-Numbers..Find 7615835

-Click ok

-If you have done it correctly so far you will see at the top Assembly Identification number 7615835 (Alpina software ) and it will automatically reference 7591971

-Press (F4) Enter VIN ( make sure you double check you have entered the correct VIN numbers)

-click ok

-Press DONE (F8)

-Press (F3) Program

-Pop up window will say you can code the ECU 63 more times, click ok

-Flashing begins and you will have to wait till it reaches 100% twice..The first bar will finish rather quickly and then another bar progress of 100% will take about 3-4 minutes
the most and it will be completed...

-If everything is done correctly, then you will get a pop up screen saying programming done, click ok

-Shut off car by taking key out. Lock car with key, wait 5 minutes and start the car..If everything works correctly you will not
have any warning signs or check engine lights...Enjoy your newly transformed AT Alpina B3 software


For newer build cars after the flash the paddle shifters no longer works...If this is the case you would follow part II of this DIY..

Alpina B3 flash Part II: DIY for NOT-working paddles shifters after flash 

Alpina B3 flash Part II: DIY for NOT working paddles after flash

The Alpina B3 flash has been a huge success so far for performance gains as well as fixing many issues that has plagued the N54 platform for years. It has undoubtedly given the performance gains in which everyone could enjoy. The only minor glitch during the flashing was on new model years in which once the car is flashed the paddle shifters now longer worked, unlike the earlier build model years which didn't exhibit this. This was quite bothersome to me so I had to find a fix as it seemed unthinkable it wouldn't work. Here is your solution!

You guys need to use NCS expert and have the latest SPdaten 49.3 or even 48.1 loaded up to both NCSexpert and Ediabas. There are tons of literature on this so do a search on it. If you not comfortable doing this or the actual coding, you can find a local coder and pay to have this coded....

Warning: If you don't have the Spdaten 48.1 or 49.3 updated correctly into Ediabas and NCS expert, after doing this coding the car will be Dead and show a gear warning on cluster but this can be fixed by correctly updating the NCS-expert...

Here is what you do:

0-Start ignition with cluster lights on

1-Load NCSexpert

2-File Use EXPERTMODE profile and click ok

3-(F1) Vin/ZCS/FA

4-(F3) SG ausw

5-Choose E89 chassis click ok

6-Choose CAS click ok

7-(F6) Back

8-Choose ECU and pick EGS

9-Press F3 (execute JOB)

10-After it says coding ended your done!

11-Close out NCSexpert

At this point 3 things can happen:

**A)There are no errors and the car starts fine and the paddle shifters are working and your happy!

**B)The car starts but then when you drive off, the shifting of gears are all screwy and changing incorrectly.

**C)The car starts but you get the dreaded GEAR error and it wont even go into drive at all..

If you have either B or C then you issue is the update of the Spdaten 48.1 or 49.3 was incorrectly done...Go back and check installation and start again

Reverting back to stock software...

Anyone that wants to go back to stock software for whatever reason, its really simple to do...Follow the same procedure and choose 7601492 as the ZB number instead of the 7615835 (alpina software zb number).