BMW 20-PIN to 16-PIN Diagnostic Cable Pinout

Here has a question to BMW 7-Series(E38) owners that when they manage to diagnose their precious car, they will find some modules’ obd2 port are 20pin, while some are 16 pin. So ask for help on the forum if there has a tool To access to all modules to diagnose.
The 20 Pin obd2 diagnostic connector:
Here, obdii365 engineer will recommend INPA K+DCAN interface with a 20Pin to 16Pin connector. This is the cheapest combination to achieve your purpose. The INPA interface is $15.99 and the connector is only $4.99, total cost less than $25 with free shipping!

INPA K+CAN Interface + 20 pin to obd2 16 Pin Connector for BMW

Why choose this combination?
If your car has a round BMW 20pin diagnostic port under the hood and pin 15 of that port is populated and has voltage, then an 20 pin to 16pin connectorwill be required in order to access and code all available modules without issues.
An ADS interface works best with a computer with a true serial port. A modified VAGCOM KKL interface with emulated ignition signal will also provide similar access, however where coding procedures require toggling of the ignition signal, there will be an issue due to the inablility of these interfaces to detect a true ignition signal. If the 20 pin diagnostic port of your car does not have pin 15 populated, interface options would be an EDIABAS compatible OBD2 interface. The INPA software is free, developed by BMW for their own use, fast and accurate.
Look at the port closely, each pin is individually identified with its pin number and looking at your configuration it appears that your car has 11 pins of the 20 pin port populated, namely
Pin 1 (TD Engine)
Pin 2 (TXD2 Diagnostic data link)
Pin 4 (Terminal R -Voltage hot in accessory, run and start position)
Pin 7 (Service interval reset)
Pin 12 (Generator charge indicator)
Pin 14 (Terminal 30, voltage hot at all times)
Pin 15 (RXD- L data line)
Pin 16 (Terminal 15S – Ignition switch voltage in run and start position)
Pin 17 (TXD2 – K data line)
Pin 19 (terminal 31 – Ground)
Pin 20 (TXD – K data line).

FAQs about BMW INPA with 20 Pin connector:

Q1: How does this Interface work?
A1: It can be setup as STD:OBD2 Interface in OBD2 mode or as ADS in ADS mode.

Q2: I have seen other auctions from other vendors for a higher / lower price, what’s the difference ?
A2: Usually the price and the quality – Since our Interfaces are assembled and tested to the highest quality standards, It’s up to you (the customer) to compare price, product and terms and make your decision according to that.

Q3: I have an older BMW that have an 20-pin OBD1 connector under the hood, is that the right interface for it?
A3: Yes, this Interface is the perfect choice for 20 pin OBD1 vehicles – only with this interface all modules are accessible in certain 20 pin OBD1 vehicles.

Q4: I have an newer BMW that have an 16 pin OBD2 plug inside the vehicle compartment, is that the right Interface for it?
A4: As long as that BMW does not require DCAN yet you can use this Interface in OBD2 mode and it will cover all functions.

Q5: Can’t I simply use the cheaper OBD2 interface sold by you and many other sellers together with some adapter cable for my 20 pin OBD1 vehicle?
A5: You can, however if your 20 pin OBD1 vehicle requires real ADS mode not all modules will be accessible.


How to set up ISTA-P software on BMW ENET cable

It’s a good solution to set up BMW ENET cable to work with BMW ICOM ISTA-P software to do ecu programming for BMW F series.


Download BMW ISTA-P Loader V4.8.7 and install it on Windows XP

Plug the BMW ENET(Ethernet to OBD) interface in the car
Set in In ISTA-P
HO-ICOM/ENET direct in VCI Config
In Network Connection - right click in your ENET - properties - TCP/IPv4 - Properties set
Subnet Mask
Subnet Mask


Disable anti virus, firewall & WIFI connection.

Check ENET cable is well connected to car and PC. Turn on ignition and wait for a minute or two.

Start the ISTA P loader.

Click on the "start ENET ICOM emulator button" once. ZGW search will now open.

Enter your cars ZGW IP and click "continue". Then wait for emulator running notifications to appear.
emulator running notifications

ista-p loader

Click on BMW, Mini, or Rolls Royce brand. ISTA/P will now launch.

Select ENET in connection manager.
Select ENET in connection manager
Note: wSTA/P asks for ignition ON/OFF during programming use the KL15 controls located in the notification area of the taskbar (right click on ISTA/P notification icon). Default setting is "ON". Obviously actual car ignition will need to be turned ON/OFF also.
ISTA/P notification icon

(BIG THANKS to all contributors (esp. Beemerboy88) in forum cartechnology.co.uk)


BMW E-sys read 1B DE file from E or F series with CIC

Something interesting about BMW ENET cable E-sys software reading 1B/DE file (file 1B) from BMW E or F series with CIC.

Disclaimer: It’s all customer share from bmw topics/forums. Data copied only for share info to help someone else.

The methods applies to: BMW E and F series cars
You need: ENET cable / BMW ICOM emulator+ E-sys software

Process of reading 1B/DE file from CIC:connect the BMW Esys cable to the car, and open FSC-extended, and compiled as in photos.
follow the processes shown by the arrows, and have saved your file DE, in hex format.
Now if you open this file with hex editor, you will find the VIN of the CIC / NBT (in case you did not know)
Now convert the hex file, in base 64, as in the photo. (I use the online tools)
and you will get the file FSC (rename it as: F123456_000DE001.fsc) ready to be used with FSC generator.

Questions & Answers for reference:
– What is this for?
– One thing you can do with the 1b file is generate a FSC code for map updates.

– How to use the 1B file to generate a FSC code for other uses than GPS maps, or is does the same code work for every thing else that needs it?
– It’s only for GPS maps, you cannot generate FSC codes for other functions.

– Can i obtain 1b files from E series with INPA K+DCAN cable? or i need anyway an icom? 
It serves ICOM or FTP access from the network.

– If i need to use esys on E series with cic, it is possible with enet ?
– Yes, the ENET cable (costs less 20 euro) can be used with CIC in E series. (But it must be wired by the cic to the OBD port
use access login, and save the file: generalPersistencyData_DiagnosticSWTControlle
in position : // HBpersistence / normal
(do not ask data login thanks)
This file contains the file 1B.
open with hex editor, and look for the ‘index: 01 01 00 1B (early 1b files)
and copy 319 decimal successive,included 01 01 00 1B.
This works, but with some conditions:
1. The CIC in your car must be factory fitted. When it is retrofit there is no Ethernet connection between OBD and CIC.
2. CIC must get IP address from DHCP to be accessible by ftp. Easy way is to connect enet cable to router and restart the CIC. After CIC restart it will have it’s own IP.


How to use BMW Coding Tool WinKFP software

BMW WinKFP software is used for updating the software from modules on the car. In this post we will show you how to use WinKFP!

This WinKFP job was after FRM3 repair/reflash by Xprog like in our FRM3 repair post!

After FRM3 was repaired, then need to flash the correct software in FRM3 module.
The flash can be done with WinKFP, and in 2 ways.
Comfort mode and develop mode!
The develop flash mode you need when the FRM3 module repair dump not exacly belongs to car, and because safety reasons winkfp not leaves to update! In that case You need to use winkfp develop mode, which allows to be flashed any kind of software in any module! 

First of all need to update winkfp spdaten.
After spdaten is updated , then open the WinKFP and choose comfort mode and enter ZUSB (bmw zb, part number), will pop up one window where u will see the choosed zb number, accept it!

When You updating with winkfp, then need to enter the LONG vin number!
Then click done
use-winkfp-5Now you can start programming!
If you getting error , to can`t update because software incompatibility, then need to do by Develop/Expert mode!

In that case note down the details like in pic 4.
Ecu address, Identification number,PABD,P-SGBD.

Now You need to copy the data file from spdaten (exx/data/module name/coresponding data file) to winkfp develop folder (c://ec-apps/nfs/data/develop)
click on expert mode and choose manually all data what u noted down,and the coresponding zb number also!

Now You can start to flash with expert mode!

BMW Coding Tool Winkfp also have more functions like diagnostic , check aif and so on!
If you like to change vin number in any unit, the winkfp is the easiest way!
After finished the flashing, need to recode with ncs expert!

How to code with ncs-expert coming soon on next blog post.....


How to update BMW E87 2006 CIC with ICOM A2 WinKFP?

This is customer share about how to use BMW ICOM WinKFP to update BMW CIC module and how to generate BMW CIC& NBT FSC Code with ENET cable.

Disclaimer: You are on your own risk.

PRE STEPS: In the E87 DATEN folder, make sure to swap out the file CI63F1 from the E87 Folder. Then Load assembly line data into WINKFP (at first WINKFP should be setup for STD:OBD connection so you can do this part without having to connect to the car or ICOM).

Following steps:

0 - Move Car Key to position 1

1 - Connect BMW ICOM A2 to any available MOST (fiber optic) Connector. Connect the USB cable between it and the ICOM module.

2 - Connect OBD connector to ICOM Module.

3 - Connect ICOM to Laptop via Ethernet cable.

4 - Start up Itool Radar and Reserve the ICOM slot. (You'll need to search for ITool Radar).

5 - I usually use the EasyConnect after ITOOL to select the MOST bus ASYNC setting and LOCK Icom.

6 - Start up WINKFP and select comfort mode

7 - Select Update ZUSB

8 - From the list, select CI62F1 first and click OK.

9 - Enter VIN

10 - Click DONE.

11 - In Next window, Click PROG-ZUSB.

12 - Blue bar will start - This step will take about 35-40 minutes. CIC screen will turn black and cic fan will be blowing at full speed.

13 -Select Update ZUSB again

14 - From the list, select CI63F1 and click OK.

15- Enter VIN

16 - Click DONE.

17 - In Next window, Click PROG-ZUSB.

18 - This step takes about 7-10 minutes.

19 - Lastly Select Update ZUSB again

20 - From the list, select CIA0F1 and click OK.

21 - Enter VIN

22 - Click DONE.

23 - In Next window, Click PROG-ZUSB.

24 - Screen might come up with BMW symbol and bootloader mode.

25 - This step takes about 45 minutes.

Once these steps are complete, CIC will boot up again and you're done!

This is attaching zip files - FSC CODE Calculator Software for BMW Navigation can be free downloaded here:


Pass: “Eintracht_Frankfurt”

To generate BMW CIC& NBT FSC Code you need these:

1.FSC Code Generator software

2.BMW ENET cable

3.EDIABAS Tool32 software

Following Steps:


Open FSC Generator software on desktop

Click “Read FSC”

Select BMW chassis, e.g E-series

Click Connect then Read VIN

The software will display vehicle information

Click Read FSC (1B)

Click Save to File



Back to FSC MAP menu

Select DECODE FSC button

Click Load file and load dump bin file

Click “Search” and browse to C:/EC:APPS/a hex

Click Decode button

Finish decoding


Back to FSC MAP menu

Select “GENERATE” button

Code has been generated

Open C:﹨EC:APPS﹨code.txt to check the FSC code

PS: If you fail o generate for NBT, try do following settings:

You can actually grab the 1B or DE file from E-sys by doing the following:

FSC Extended

Base variant 0x63 (For HU_CIC or HU_NBT)

Click Identify

Application ID 0x1B for (App ID 27 for CIC) 0xDE (App ID222 for NBT) <— This is the App for your Nav enabler

Upgrade Index 0x1

Move Store FSC from the left to the right

Click Read

Click Save and name the file FXXXXXX_0001B001.fsc for CIC or FXXXXXX_000DE001.fsc for NBT where FXXXXXX is your VIN.

Both CIC and NBT work.


Change language of BMW navigation display via ISTA-P

Here are some optional solutions of how to change the language of BMW E88 navigation and display, with bmw tools or without anything.

To change the language from navigation and display to Dutch from BMW E88 2009 German import.

1- Free to change the navigation language without tools:
If the car is a German one, you can select only German, English and French from the iDrive menue.
For other languages, you’ll need to reflash / code your car.

2- Using BMW ICOM ISTA-P to change the navigation language:
The easiest way should be using ISTA-P.
There’s a bunch of checkboxes to set a desired language.
But if you don’t find what you need in there, then use NCS Expert.

3- Using NCS expert to coding car for navigation language setup:
change VO with option for a specific region and code the car:
Read CIC
Edit FSW_PSW.TRC ( adding or editing ) languages
Copy and paste to FSW_PSW.MAN
Execute sg_codieren

The coding has been tested for a lot of times using ncs expert; it’s very easy.


BMW ICOM ISTA-P 3.60 with PsdzData FULL 3.60 Torrent

BMW ISTA Rheingold software download link and installation guide of ISTA-P bmw v3.60 with PsdzData FULL and regfix are provided here. Enjoy!

Note: It is free. We are not hold the responsibility.

ISTA/P download with unknown security:
ISTA-P 3.60

PsdzData FULL 3.60.0 MEGA

Regfix 3.60.600
(note: Regfix for older license, I tested until at Admin Client and works fine; work offline too but just need license to run)

bmw ista rheingold download and tested without issues on WIN 7:
ISTA-D 3.55.31 ISTA-P

ISTA-D 4.01.21 ISTA-P

ISTA P bmw 3.60 review:
ISTA-P Loader V6.1F was able to run this version
ISTA-P Loader V6.1F

Works fine with client.work-fine-with-

FAQ of ISTA P V3.60 how to install:
Q: BMW_ISPI_iLean_ISPI_Admin_Client_1.1.808.3 with crack work with istap3.60 and ista 4?
A: Works with ISTA-P 3.59.5; I have not tested with 3.60. Does not with ISTA+.

Q: I have a ICOM A1 with FW 03.14.04.
Does this version run also with this FW ? There are no newer FW for A1
A: Yes

Q: Admin Client work offline?
Admin Client work offline
A: BB Loader it’s great, I prefer older license and works offline until at

Q: Im using the loader and its connected. Yes ediabas is installed 7.30 Ver.
Its strange I removed Ista/p and tried to reinstall and it quickly says it installed but nothing got installed.
Does it require any specific version of C++ I have 2010-2015 installed does t need older.
A: It is a problem with ISTA-P. If ever installed and all traces are not removed or application run in modified state, then re-installing or updating can be very frustrating. My install would fail or run quickly without installing.

Q: I have quick question, when I click next on where it says to select a ISTA server I leave always on automatic then i click next and a box pops up thats says Unable to create a session management. Does anyone what could cause this ?
Unable to create a session management

A: The error always comes when the ICOM isn’t connected to the computer, are you using the LOADER? if so did you install the ediabas?


BMW E-sys get FSC codes for BMW F10 NBT

Import FSC codes for BMW F10 NBT success! Share something here with you all, the ENET E-sys cable, the guide and so on.

Trying to get an FSC code for my F10 NBT (currently ‘Road Map Europe MOVE 2013)

Files i have:
maps downloaded (Europe MOVE 2016-2) and E-Sys installed & working on a 64bit laptop
EDIABAS is needed also if you use SWID Reader to retrieve 1B file from Head Unit, but if you are using E-Sys instead, then you do not need EDIABAS.

Guides for what i’m trying to do:
(found lots of useful threads but only this one specific for e-sys)

Need to doable Windows firewall and antivirus software in both the Host and Guest OS and bridge the virtual LAN Adapter to actual LAN Adapter, and the use an ENET Cable and Connect via VIN.

With E-Sys software, for CIC (1B File), in the Expert Mode => FSC-Extended module:
In the Parameter section enter:
1. Diagnostic Address (hex) = 0x63
2. Click on the Identify button and the Base variant HU_CIC will be populated
3. Application ID = 0x1B
4. Upgrade Index = 0x01
In the Action section:
5. Select Store FSC and move from left to the right
6. Click on the Read button
7. Click Save and and name the file to save 1B to PC

Well, after step 7, is that the code I would put into the head unit once it saves? I a, not sure. And here is the answer i got from the bmw forum:
“Well, the confusion comes from your statement above, which was:
“F10 NBT (currently ‘Road Map Europe MOVE 2013)”
You say NBT, but the you say Move Map, and Move Map is CHAMP Head Unit, which is a 1B Fie.
The only difference in process though for NBT versus CIC is that to use Application ID = 0xDE instead of 0x1B.”

That makes sense! I thought I had NBT but maybe i’m wrong as that’s definitely the map name i’m seeing.
So how would I do this part:
feed the 1B / DE file to FSC Generator to make Map FSC Code
Much appreciated help so far!! Wish all my conclusion here help others also.


ICOM ISTA-D 4.01 with FSC Code Generator and BMWAi Coder

BMW ICOM latest software version V2016.9 ISTA-D 4.01 ISTA-P 3.59 with engineer programming software is available in obdii365.com.

Software version:
 ISTA-D 4.01.21
 VIN: 2016.8.23
Not connected 9000 days remaining
Software format: Windows 7 Hard Drive (HDD)

Software including:
BMW ETK: 2016.09
BMW KSD 09.2016 Multi-language
With free BMW Engineer Software (INPA, NCS Expert, WinKFP, Tool32, E-Sys 3.27.1, Psdzdata 59.0),BMW FSC code generator and BMW AiCoder.

BMW ICOM V2016.9 Software Display:
Multi-language available in diagnosing, programming and TIS diagram circuit: American English, British English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Indian, Greek, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.
System Requirements:
 Dual-core processor, better above I3; over 4G of memory
Support Model:
 It is recommended to use Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T400, T410, T420, T430, X61, X200, X201, X220 X230 and other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3 I5 / I7 series.



BMW ICOM and Xprog read write reset update FRM

This is a customer solution on how to use BMW coding software NCS Expert & WinKFP to read/backup bmw cas and frm, how to write win and vo to frm, how to reset frm default and how to update frm. Try at your on risk!

Tools to use:
PC to run Xprog v5.5.5 software, NCS Expert and WinKFP

FRM fix list:
NCS expert read/backup cas and frm
NCS expert write VIN and VO to FRM
NCS expert reset frm default according to VO
WINKFP update frm
WINKFP trying to locate the zb or zusb

NCS expert read/backup cas and frm
goto work folder delete nettodat.trc and fsw_psw.trc
load profile
f1 fg/zcs/fa
f3 zcs/fa f. ecu
f6 back
f4 process ecu
f2 change job
codierdaten_lesen (reads coding from ecu)
f4 reading ecu
goto work folder move nettodat.trc and fsw_psw.trc to a new folder CAS Original make files read only
f1 change ecu
f4 reading ecu
goto work folder move nettodat.trc and fsw_psw.trc to a new folder FRM Original make files read only

NCS expert write VIN and VO to FRM
load profile
f1 fg/zcs/fa
f3 zcs/fa f. ecu
f6 back
f4 process ecu
f2 change job
fa_write (writes FA aka VO to ecu)
f3 execute job
f2 change job
fgnr_schreiben (writes FG aka VIN to ecu)
f3 execute job

NCS expert reset frm default according to VO
goto work folder delete nettodat.trc and fsw_psw.trc
load profile
edit profile
click FSW/PSW
uncheck FSW-/PSW-Manipulate with FSW_PSW.MAN
f1 fg/zcs/fa
f3 zcs/fa f. ecu
f6 back
f4 process ecu
f2 change job
sg_codierren (writes coding to ecu)
f3 execute job

WINKFP update frm
f1 Comfort mode
f3 update ZUSB pick FRMR3
f4 enter vin
f8 done
f3 prog. zb-update
I don’t remember the rest from here but it updates the FRM. It takes 5-10 minutes and there is a progress bar.

If WINKFP update frm doesn’t work.
Updating WINKFP using BMW Coding Tool
extract the datens for your chasis into a folder
open BMW coding tool
select sp-source
choose the folder with the extracted datens
update WinKFP

WINKFP trying to locate the zb or zusb
(I don’t know)
f1 Comfort mode
f3 update ZUSB pick FRMR3
f4 enter vin
f8 done
f5 diagnosis
f1 ecu status
f2 ecu ident

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