Free Download 08.2017 BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.07.13

(08/25/2017) Free download BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.07.13 Standalone with ISTA data, for BMW diagnostics, coding, programming.

ISTA-D 4.07.13 Standalone download free:
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Without SQLiteDBs, FASTA & HW check disabled.
License & regfiles included.

BMW_ISPI_ISTA-APP_4.07.13.20911 & ISTA-DATA_4.07.12 download:
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ISTA-D 4.05.32 ISTA-P 3.61.5 Windows 7 download:
Tested & Safe to use! Works great!!
BMW ISTA-D 4.07.13 Review:

16gb ram, Core I5, 1tb disk (win7 64 bit)
Ista-d has always been running like a charm

i have also check the new ista
all is running and no problems with delete mistakes
i5 4GB RAM

Standalone version would be great!

There is 2 firmware for ICOM A1-A3, for ICOM NEXT not.

Updated. No issues.

Q: I tried it out, and it works fine. But after deleting some error codes, it froze, but after I restarted the program, the codes were erased, is there any specific reason why that happened?

A: If you are using a INPA k+Dcan interface, you might need a Voltage Control tool in order to properly close the operation.
If not, you might have some issues with your local installation and/or software environment and/or prerequisites needed for ISTA D.

Q: my question was: is fw-03-15-02 an officially update for icom? Or is here something modded, like “03-15-00-unprotected” or so? Because there is only one file different to 03-15-00. In the past there was always two different files.

A: Official.

Q: Does anyone have License for ISPI Admin Client

A: Check here:
New Firmware for Icom Next
For people who want to use the web interface instead.

Q: I just wanna ask about the difference between the ISTA\D or P , ISTA+ and ISPI_ISTA ?? because I have a BMW E60 535XI 2008 and I wanna choose the best option for my car to diagnose or program , and also can I use that program with a K-DCAN OBD II cable which is the same I use for coding or I need to use another one ?

A: ISTA/D is for diagnostics of all BMW’s, Mini, and RR. It can only program Fxx/Ixx/Gxx-series BMW.
For E-series, you can use K+DCAN USB cable with ISTA+ for diagnostics, but you need ICOM and ISTA-P or Winkfp for programming.

Q: can’t I for examle update my ECU with sp-daten files using K+DCAN cable using Winkfp ? since it can be done using the same method but with another adapter like “iCarly’ ? I mean why acn’t I program using K+DCAN cable with ISTA P since ICOM is more expensive

A: Carly is a bluetooth device. K+DCAN cable will not work for two reasons; it cannot communicate over “most” interface (multimedia ECU’s) and would potentially take days to program with higher rate of likely failure. An BMW ICOM A2 emulator is less expensive than replacing an ECU.

Q: Now can you please guide me on what and where to buy a good quality of ICOM as I read that ICOM A+B+C is good but I really don’t know how much does it cost and from where to buy it since I saw some on AliExpress but I don’t trust Chinese quality.

ICOM A: main interface
ICOM B: adapter for programming multimedia in E series
ICOM C: adapter for old BMW with round 20 pin diagnostic plug
ICOM D: adapter for motorcycles
You can purchase directly from dealerships; though not sure they are still selling A2’s. If you read the ISTA-P release notes, you will see that next does not always work for E-series. Or, have a try ICOM here: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/Icom-a-module-bmw-icom-diagnostic-tool.html so far, this HQ ICOM worked no issues for years. Bought when they are obd365.com

Q: I’m trying to update SDP but from all files only German language was updated.
I’m doing that all the time but now I have problem and I can solve myself.
What I’m doing wrong?

A: It does not look like anything is updated. You must have xml’s and istapackage for it to work.

Q: I have now installed and changed old ISTA with new 4.07 but now ISTA says that data are incompatible?

A: It is normal, you only update databases, you have not updated ISTA APP
Current ISTA version should be the same as thread title after you apply Reg fix included with standalone.
just install new ISTA and solved


Free Download BMW E-Sys Launcher Premium Date Changed Crack

First of all, I will tell you the sad news that this crack program can not be applied to the latest version of Launcher.
We confirmed that it works normally in version 2.5.3, so it seems to be applicable.
If you do not need to use the latest version of E-Sys coding software, it will be a valid program.
If you use 2.6.2 and delete it and install 2.5.3, it will not work.
I have tested 2.6.2 on my computer and it did not work when I tried to install 2.5.3, and after installing a new 2.5.3 on my virtual machine, it worked.
  1. Run the program after downloading it to any folder.
  2. Click the 'Restore Launcher' button at the far left.
  3. Then pop up like below screen. There is no recovery point for E-Sys Launcher Premium. It seems to be the principle that after storing the point before the change of the car model as the recovery point, it will use the previous recovery point even after changing the car model later and use it without changing the date.
  1. Execute all the steps below.
    A. Change the system date to today's date +3.
    B. Launch E-Sys Launcher, and select your car model. Keep Launch untouched!
    C. Change the system date to today - 3 days old.
    D. On the E-Sys Launcher, click the Launch Now button.
    E. Exit after E-Sys is executed.
    F. Returns the system date to today.
    G. Click the OK button.
  1. A message is displayed that the recovery point was created successfully.


How to install BMW E-Sys, Launcher and psdzdata on Win10

Here is the little tutorial on installing BMW ENET cable E-Sys, E-Sys Launcher and psdzdata F-series coding software.
The document was translated from Korean and modified by obdii365.com for educational purpose. Credit to Jihunx from South Korea. You are at your risk.

E-Sys 3.27.1
E-Sys Launcher Premium 2.6.0
psdzdata 3.59.5 lite version
Download all the necessary files here.

Operating system:
The installation environment is a computer with Windows 10 64-bit system (depending on the installation environment, Microsoft’s .NET Framework installation may be necessary when installing the coding program).

Installing E-Sys

First unzip E-Sys 3.27.1.rar.
Extract E-Sys_Setup-3.27.1_RC_b44813.exe will launch the files in the E-Sys Program folder .
Install E-sys setup wizard, press Next
Accept license agreement, press Next
Select the folder to install and click Next. I can install it in another location, but I will install it without changing it in the default installation folder for easy explanation later.
Select the folder where the data will be installed besides this program and press Next. Likewise, I will not change from the default folder.
Select the name of the folder you want to create in the Start menu and press Next.
Select whether to create a shortcut icon on the desktop, and then click Next. It will not run Esys anyway, but you will run the program with E-Sys Launcher, so uncheck Create desktop icon.
Click Install
Installation is complete. Press Finish.

Install E-Sys Launcher Premium

When installing E-Sys Launcher, if you see the following E-Sys Launcher Premium cannot be installed on systems with .NET Framework version lower than 4.5.2.error, .NET Framework it is not installed. In this case .NET Framework, you can install. Download it here
ESysLauncherPremiumSetup_2.6.0_Build_119.msi. Depending on the computer OS installed, the following screen may appear.
Press Next
Select the folder to install and click Next.
Click Install
Installation is complete. You do not need to read the readme file, uncheck it, and leave the check box to run the launcher checked Finish. Of course, it is ok to run E-Sys Launcher program separately after unchecking and exiting both.

Token generation

When you run E-Sys Launcher for the first time, a screen for entering Path and PIN is displayed as shown below. As I mentioned before, to run E-Sys requires a token, which is where to store it and how to set the token-generation password.
...Click the icon at the right end of the path to select the folder where Token will be installed. As a convenience, I chose the C: \ Data folder where E-Sys data was installed .
4~12 numbers or alphabetic characters Enter your PIN and Confirm . I just entered 123456.
When you are finished typing, press Generate Token.
You’ll see a message that the token was successfully generated.
Launcher execution screen. If you are here, all programs have been successfully installed.

Install psdzdata 3.59.5 lite version

Psdzdata_v3.59.5_lite.rar When unzipping, the Psdzdata following folders are located below the folder. Copy or cut all of these folders.
Paste psdzdata copied or cut folder into the folder under the folder where E-Sys data is installed .
You have now installed all the programs for F-series coding. Done!!!


BMW E-sys Coding Software Error C157 Solution

Hi, I'm trying to code my car with BMW ENET cable and esys + esys premium program with token generated, and gives me the following error

Used eSys coding software (Includes E-Sys v.3.26.1 & E-Sys Launcher Premium 1.05 (w/ Builtin Token Generator) & Guides) and v.54.1_PSdZData_Lite. Used windows XP Professional.

I am not able to encode to leave the error, is there any solution?
It is a bmw 1 series f21

Possible reason:
You need to open E-Sys now using the Desktop Icon for E-Sys Launcher, not the Icon for E-Sys directly.

Well, you cannot launch E-Sys directly, as the E-Sys Launcher program manages E-Sys use of the .EST Token, so without it, E-Sys has no working Token solution.

Solved , install other version.


How to Generate an BMW ICOM ISTA Language Pack File

What I would like to introduce this time is that I have not grasped the whole structure yet, so I will be an inductive article because I succeeded at the moment I tried. Therefore, I know in advance that the method I used may or may not work.
BMW ICOM ISTA, the BMW vehicle diagnostic program, is constantly being updated. At this time, ISTA and its language pack are separated into separate files and distributed.
ISTA's language pack files differ in format from the actual files they are installed in, so you can not just use them to copy them to the SQLiteDBs folder.
As you know, ISTA language files are stored in a folder called SQLiteDBs and have an extension of sqlite.
Here are the five files required to actually run the program.
  • DiagDocDb.sqlite
  • Streamdataprimitive_ENGB.sqlite
  • Streamdataprimitive_OTHER.sqlite
  • XmlValuePrimitive_ENGB.sqlite
  • Xmlvalueprimitive_OTHER.sqlite

Even if you do not have the rest of the files, there is no problem running the program.
The format of the deployed file is different from istapackage, and it requires a separate program to install it.
It seems that there is a bigger program installer called ISPI, and it seems that this kind of trick has occurred when ISTA is separated and installed separately.
I have searched for an abbreviation for ISPI, but I have not found it yet, I found a site called ISPI NEXT and I have not figured out exactly whether this is a commercial site selling ISPI's official products, or just a brand of "ISPI NEXT" . 
The language pack files required for deployment are the following three files:
  • BMW_ISPI_ISTA-DATA_en-GB_4.03.12.istapackage
  • BMW_ISPI_ISTA-DATA_GLOBAL_4.03.12.istapackage
  • BMW_ISPI_ISTA-META_4.03.13b.xml

You will need a program called IstaLauncherConsole to install this file.
All the files mentioned above are in the link below, so please download and test them.
The IstaLauncherConsole file can be used without installation after unzipping anywhere. However, if the ISTA installation folder hasyeotgeona installed elsewhere without having to install as default settings, and those who want to change the folder setting will be registered in the registry after you modify the folder path after the goddess of the file, istalauncher-xOO.reg files below . For more information, please read the readme.txt file.
Basically ISTA + Standalone version 4.03.13 was installed and the registry was registered.
Put the language pack file in the C: TempISTA_STOREDownloads folder (if you want to use a different path, you need to modify the reg file as described above).
Run IstaLauncherConsole.exe. The following window asks if you want to continue. Press Enter to proceed.
hen, as you can see, we will extract the BMW_ISPI_ISTA-DATA_en-GB_4.03.12 and BMW_ISPI_ISTA-DATA_GLOBAL_4.03.12 files before proceeding with the installation.
When the installation BMW_ISPI_ISTA-DATA_en-GB_4.03.12 file to streamdataprimitive_ENGB.sqlite and xmlvalueprimitive_ENGB.sqlite files, BMW_ISPI_ISTA-DATA_GLOBAL_4.03.12 file seems to be installed in each DiagDocDb.sqlite, streamdataprimitive_OTHER.sqlite, xmlvalueprimitive_OTHER.sqlite file.
All the installation process is finished.
Installation is not in the SQLiteDBs folder, so you need to move the files.
C: Program Files (x86) If you go to the BMWISPITRICISTASQLiteDBs folder, a language pack file is created. Move this file to the RheingoldSQLiteDBs folder and everything is done.
I tried to run ISTA +. As you can see, the 4.03.12 language file is well installed.


How to get BMW FSC code to update BMW navigation map with BMWAiCoder

Here is the detail guide on getting BMW FSC code to update BMW navigation map with engineering software BMWAiCoder.

Note: The document was translated from Korean. You are at your risk.

About BMWAiCoder

The most widely known BMW vehicle coding software program is E-SysInstead of providing robust functionality, you have to install the Launcher for the token and install psdzdata. Also, there is an initial entry barriers because it is not easy to learn how to use and become proficient.
BMWAiCoder is a program that makes it easy to lower the entry barriers and make coding easier. Just install BMWAiCoder and you can start to use it in English, but each button has a number so you can easily code by following the numbered steps. However, it has the disadvantage that it is limited in functionality compared to E-Sys and it is not stable. It is better to use it to fix some coordinates quickly and easily, rather than using it as a full-scale coding tool.


Version 5.0 of the Chinese test version is now available. The international version will be released soon, the creator said. 
The language is not yet fixed, but if you want to try it out, download it and try it out. 
Download BMWAicoder v5.0
 If you need 100% safe program along with ISTA, ETK, KSD, INPA, NCS Expert, WinKFP, E-Sys 3.27.1, Psdzdata 59.0), BMW FSC code generator etc, buy BMW ICOM Software (latest V2017.7) HDD instead.


If you unzip it, you can use it immediately and there is no installation process.
Depending on the vaccine, the executable program may be recognized as malicious code. In this case, please allow it, if you are uneasy, please delete it.

How to use

Connect the vehicle and the laptop with a coding cable and turn the vehicle on.
BMWAiCoder.exe Run in the unpacked folder .
When you run the program, the first firewall access pop-up may appear. 액세스 허용Please select.
After running the program, the keyword download window will open automatically. The process of downloading additional items to be coded on the Internet. Since it will be used in English, press button English while is selected Download.
If you do not see this screen when you first run it, or if you accidentally hand it over, do not worry. Custom You can download it again at any time by pressing Menu.
The program execution screen.
The coding process is easy to explain. You will see a button with a number, you can follow this button in order to complete the coding. Of course, with understanding of coding coordinates and basic coding concepts.
1.DetectCar 2.Connect Press and press to connect to the vehicle.
3.Get ECUs List Press to bring up the entire module list.
Select one of the modules you want to code from the ECU list.
4.Read Button to call up a list of coding coordinates that can be made in the module [1]. After changing the value of the desired item, press the [2] 5.Write button to raise the modified value to the vehicle [3].
If you want to cancel the modification and return to the original value, Restoreclick the button.
If you want to see the coding coding for each module, please refer to the document below.


You can use the BMWAiCoder to obtain the FSC code required to update the BMW car navigation map. The easiest way to obtain a map update FSC is because the program is easier to install than the existing E-Sys or Dr.Gini approach and the steps are shorter.

How to proceed

If you have not installed BMWAiCoder, please read Part I above first and proceed with installation.
After installation, connect the vehicle and cable, then turn on the vehicle.

1.DetectCar 2.ConnectPress and press to connect to the vehicle.
3.Get ECUs List Press to bring up the entire module list.

FSC Run the tool. As you can see on the screen below FSC, click the button or select from the menu FSC Tools.

FSC Tools The screen will be displayed 00DE, double-click on the navigation list in the left list Select or 00DE, then Load FSCpress.
Country Type in to mean Korea 00A6.
VerCode0028 Enter the URL for this map version .
The rest VINor NBT/CICinformation will already be entered, so there is no further change.
Generate When you click the button, FSC is created at the bottom.

There is a way to copy the FSC or fill it out and write it later when updating the map Write to carIf you enter it directly into the car, you will automatically be prompted to FSC the next time you update the map.