How to Update and Flash BMW ECU via ICOM WinKFP

This is the user guide of how to update or flash a BMM ECU using WinKFP via a INPA K+DCAN cable ( some also called it ICOM cable).

First, the tools
If you want to update your car yourself in to easiest way possible…you’ll need:
– A powerful laptop
– Download and install ISTA-P
(standalone links available all over net; if you wanna use a tested version with safety, go to a online shop to buy it- http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/v201703-bmw-icom-software.html it’s a good man of his word to trust in)
– A cable; that is an ICOM cable
(If you want to update CAS then k+dcan cable is enough.)
– At least a 50a power supply, better 70a, to keep car at 13.8v while updating modules.
– Time. Depending on what modules you’ll have the update will take several hours.
Next, preparation for ECU update
You need to import all sp-daten files to WINKFP. Files preparation is the important thing first.
Then you need to have extra power supply connected to your battery.
After this you are ready to flash your ECU. CAS should be updated without key in slot (ignition off).
If you didn’t do it before you should be really careful, it’s easy to brick module.

Finally, update ECU with WinKFP
  1. configure
  1. start
  1. options
  1. ecu selection
  1. enter vin
  1. programming
  1. confirm update
Winkfp update a bmw ecu successfully!
Alternatively, go to dealer, whinge about a problem and suggest a software update…
Or the hard way. As above, but use winkfp with a download set of daten files (google for links). Use comfort mode in winkfp to update modules then code to default after with ncs expert…


ENET Cable E-sys 3.26.1 Update BMW NBT 2017-1 Map

This is about how to update BMW NBT map to 2017.01 version, at a low cost (within $20), using anBMW ENET cable bmw and E-sys v3.26.1. Here, i would like to update NBT maps for the BMW F22.

After doing a bit of research on the bmw forums, there is a ton of good information already out there.

Materials required for process:

#1 You need 20xx-xx *Insert_Country_Here* NEXT Maps (you confirm this from iDrive that your car is indeed running that region, and the map type is NEXT). Different head units use different maps, and they are not cross-compatible, PREMIUM, MOVE, NEXT, etc..

  1. You will also want at-least a 32Gb flash drive to hold the update files formatted as FAT32. It is essentially three Dual-Layer DVD’s worth of Data. You can use three 8Gb drives, but I’ve read some people running into problems with specific brands that format below the minimum.

  1. You need an FSC Activation Code. This is gone about two ways, either you pay someone with BMW Internal Portal access to your VIN’s 1B/DE File, and they can generate it. Or you have a proper ENET cable, and E-SYS and you can retrieve the 1B/DE File, and generate it use the available tools. There is another set of tools called FSC Generator/SWID Reader, but they are only compatible with 32-bit Windows. FSC.exe is not equal to NBT.exe !! NBT is for NEXT, FSC is for old versions.

the NBT.exe file for the process

  1. You need an ENET cable, I had one so I chose to try the E-SYS Route.
Don’t pay more than $20 for one, Make sure he is a good seller with 99%+ feedback and over 1000 positive feedback ratings

  1. You need a working version of E-SYS, connect to your car as normal.

E-sys 3.26.1 (new)

E-sys 3.23.4 (100% working)

How to get FSC codes with E-sys software:

  1. Open E-Sys and select “Expert Mode” on Left Side
  1. Now go to FSC Extended mode. “FSC Extended”
  1. Enter Diagnostic Address 0x63
  2. Click Identify
  3. The Base variant should show “HU_NBT”
  4. Enter Application ID 0xDE (for NBT)
  5. Enter Upgrade Index 0x1
  6. Click on Store FSC in the list, and move it to the right by clicking the -> button
  7. Click Read
  8. Click Save and store the file as DE.fsc
  1. Open up a command prompt window and execute as follows
11a. 2016-1 nbt.exe DE.fsc 0xA8 0x08 <7DIGITVIN>
11b. 2016-2 nbt.exe DE.fsc 0xA8 0x27 <7DIGITVIN>
11c. 2017-1 nbt.exe DE.fsc 0xA8 0x28 <7DIGITVIN>

(A new revelation on this command, you can exclude the 7 Digit VIN option and still produce the same resulting FSC code) Cool trick!
This will output your FSC Activation Code for the upgrade!
Keep in mind this FSC Activation Code is only good with this Region/Year set of Navigation Updates. You will need a new one every time you perform a new update.

The update process is very straight forward and simple:
  1. Copy the files onto your 32Gb USB Drive
  2. Turn car on and Insert USB Drive into USB port under your arm rest
  3. Car should recognize the USB Drive and notice it’s a nav update
  1. Once you decide to continue it will ask to enter the FSC code, use your iDrive controller to enter this long ass code
You may get it wrong first.
But try again and write it down clearly
  1. Reap the benefits of an updated navigation system on your BMW. IE. Not getting lost as much, or routed in circles on unknown areas

Also you can always check the status in iDrive by Navigation, and click Options (bottom/right on idrive)