Free Download BMW ICOM Next firmware 3.14.10

BMW ICOM Next A+B+C diagnostic and programming tool is the Latest Generation of ICOM A2 For BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce BMW-Model. BMW ICOM NEXT newest firmware 3.14.10 is available. There are still many users confuse about how to update ICOM NEXT A+B+C firmware. Here obdii365.com will offer the update tutorial.
First, you need to download the file, they were free, these resource were shared by kind friends on the forum, pleased try it at your own risk, i don’t take responsibility for any damage for your device:
Download ICOM NEXT firmware 3.14.10:
Download ICOM NEXT firmware 3.14.08:
ICOM Image 03.14.08 (Application image+ Firmware image+ ICOM NEXT app .tar.gz+ ICOM NEXT rootfs. tar.gz)

How to update BMW ICOM NEXT firmware?
There are two optional ways for you: one is using ISTA-D, another is by MSI Installer and Web interface.

Option 1. Update BMW ICOM NEXT firmware via ISTA-D:
First, install ISTA-D software on your system so you can use it to install the firmware on your ICOM.
Next, start ISTA-D with ICOM connected to your car (Don’t need KL15, KL30 13.8V on pin 16 and ground on 4+5 is enough)
Then, go to connection manager and start the update.
How to get to the ISTA connection manager?
You can click on the button as following picture shows:

Option 2. Update BMW ICOM NEXT firmware via WIS Installer:
First, install the MSI installer
Next, find the system and application firmware file (.bin for ICOM A1/A2 and .tar.gz for ICOM NEXT) in your installed folder, System = ICOM Next-rootfs-XXXXXX. tar.gz, Application = ICOM Next-app-XXXXXX. tar.gz
Then, upgrade the ICOM firmware by web interface.
Note: For BMW ICOM NEXT firmware, the tarball is in C:\ProgramData\BMW\ISPI\data\TRIC\ICOMNext after you installed the MSI installer.

ICOM NEXT firmware 3.14.10 is tested on forum.
Here is feedback for your reference:
I test it this morning on a CIC of an E90 and an E60. And now also ICOM NEXT is flashing like HELL. So the bug of slow flashing CICR is gone with this upgrade. This I can confirm. THANK, it was long waiting but it was worth it.



How to change VIN with BMW Ediabas Tool32 (FAQ)

How to change bmw VIN? Any troubles in bmw tool32 change vin? Here are frequently questions and answers help those newbies and ones are puzzled by this issue.

Model: BMW E46 EDC16 DDE 5.0

Ediabas toolset 32 manual of vin change on BMW E46…here you go…

Question: Can I use BMW INPA cable for updating ECU with WinKFP for updating the VIN too?
Answer: Yes, INPA DCAN cable with WinKFP you can make it

Question: But is the INPA K+DCAN cable fast enough for programming?
Answer: Yes, enter your new VIN to WinKFP, and program an update or reprogram the existing file and it will change the VIN.
Winkfp will only change vin in uif of last programming session.
To change vin use NCS expert or Tool32 (7 or 17+1 simbol(checksum).

Question: When click “Choose ZUSB”I don’t find that ZB Nr. what ECU has now.7796195
Answer: because is to old sw then your data, so either load old sw in winkfp or just choose “update zusb” instead “choose zusb”, winfp will pick last zbnr for you
WinKFP only has the current files, it will know all the old numbers, but will not have the data stored.
Use “update ZUSB” to automatically find the best version.

Question: What DDE50x type should I chose after I click Update ZUSB:
Answer: While using “Update ZUSB” option it does’t matter if you choose wrong family folder (I mean dde502 inspite of dde507 for example). If you want to know exactly which folder to use you can do it qiete easy:
Comfort mode>Update ZUSB> result (it will show you the existing version & the number of soft which winkfp is going to write into your dde).
Comfort mode> Enter ZUSB (put one of the numbers obtained in previous step)>Result: You’ll see in which folder it’s located.
There are lot’ of other ways.

Question: In Ediabas Toolset32, I didn’t find any executable option for VIN change
Answer: Yes…you are right. So no to flash dde you can change it manually using last AIF.
Take all data from job result window after aif lessen and change only vin while aif schrieben.
Ediabas Toolset32

Question: What should I write in arguments line and where to write vin?
  1. AIF lessen (you’ll see all the ponts needed while writing)
    2. AIF schrieben (use data which you’ve got while reading but insert your new vin inspite of one you’ve read before). You can see the meanig of arguments in job-info window.

Question: Just write new vin to the result window?
Answer: Not only vin. Look at argument field (VIN/ZUSB/date of prog…and so on)

VIN in ECU solved!!!!
Succeed to change VIN in dashboard dump.


BMW ICOM NEXT cannot connect to E-sys Solution

I have recently bought an BMW ICOM Next diagnostic emulator and i cannot connect to cars via E-sys.
I have itool radar installed. I reserved the icom, and when i try to connect the ip adress is automatically inserted under icom/ ethernet, then i hit connect and it says connection failed.

I the port 50160 for ICOM is open, and the icom is working perfectly with ista+ and ista /p.
I’m running ista/d 4.03. and ista /p 3.60.2. It didn’t ask me if i wanted to update icom.
The ip address is showing up as below; that’s ok.
The ip address
Problem solved! The ip address that windows gave to icom from dhcp was different than the icom ip from ista+. I changed the address to the one from ista and it works like a charm.

Here is what i did… to change icom ip…
need a tool like EasyConnect or iToolRadar, both i used
EasyConnect or iToolRadar

connect the BMW ICOM Next A+B+C, turn the ignition on, start f.e. iToolradar.
then the connection from the ICOM (normally on, mark it and click on reserve
(in EasyConnect is different but as easy as itoolradar).
as easy as itoolradar
Start E-Sys, choose the target (f.e. F010) and click on “connection ICOM/Ethernet”. Type the IP address (here, the port is 50160, so the result should be tcp://
connection ICOM/Ethernet
Type the IP address
Connect and have fun.

Need patience to use a bmw icom diag head with E-sys, it’s a 50/50 chance that it will work or not, or, something may not work.


Rheingold ISTA 4.03.21 Standalone Free Download

Thanks to a forum member shared with all guys the ISTA 4.03.21 Standalone version with HW check removed and the available NOFASTA option. Free download links below.
Rheingold ISTA 4.03.21

The NOFASTA option DLL is in the TesterGUI\bin\Release directory. To enable, rename the existing RheingoldSessionController.dll file to something else then rename RheingoldSessionController.NOFASTA.dll to RheingoldSessionController.dll
Free download
Note: it’s shared by a forum member, have not tested by our engineer, you may try it at your own risk.
BMW Rheingold ISTA Standalone-Mega:
SQLiteDBs inside.rar for 4.03.21 ENGLISH ONLY (NO SDP)
Just extract them into the "SQLiteDBs" folder


BMW ISTA 4.03.21 Delta Database: (EN-DE-Global-Meta)

Rheingold 4.03.21 Compatible device:
BMW ISTA Rheingold 4.03.21 basic information:
Module (ECU) errors reading and clearing
Gearbox (transmission) and engine adaptations erasing
Fuel injectors control, correction amount real time viewing, injector registering
Engine mountings testing
Mass air flow (MAF) testing and registering. Whole air system testing
EGR system control and testing
Turbocharger and related components control and testing
Diesel particulate filter regeneration (DPF)
Battery replacement
Oil change and service interval reset
Wiring diagrams, live data, repair instructions, technical documents etc
Programming, vehicle retrofit, mirror coding, FSC codes adding or updating etc

And many more other functions