How to do BMW E9x FRM Coding


currently I am trying to fix a FRM3 module, therefor I have flashed the µc already and finally receive a PT-CAN signal again. The module was completly dead before due to corrupt eeprom.

My question is: Is it possible to do coding and programming on the workbench without installing it in a E9x ?
Do I really need a junction box electronic or is it possible to hook it up on the right can interface and do the programming?

CAN adapters for a bus simulation are available.

Well, I connected KL30 and KL31 of course and KL15 for ignition. The unit starts and outputs stuff on the PTCAN and then goes to sleep.

Connecting my DCAN onto PTCAN (obviously) doesn't work. I am not really familiar with the OBD interface but there are also some K Line and L Line pins, which I am not able to use because the FRM doesn't address them.

I guess I have to input the ignition signal as can frame but on which can? PTCAN or KCAN?

There is some guy on YT updating a MS45 on his desk with some kind of OBD Adapter. Does someone know what the name is? I guess I am not allowed to submit a link but you can easily find it.

Why all of this? I don't have a E9X car anymore. I have this FRM left which I would like to repair and get rid off.

you need KCan - high and low. Here is scheme the from ISTA.

in the car:
D-Kan ( high and Low) from OBD connector goes to JBBF and from JBBF K-kan (high and low) to FRM.
you need use an adapter: D-can - K-can,

get the JBBF as well

it is kind of tcp/ip router between different networks in the car

You just need a Gateway /Body Module from say an E60, connect pins 8 & 9 of X16760 on the body/gateway to the FRM pins 45 & 46 on connector X14260 (K-Bus High & Low) . You can connect to the diagnostics output on the Body/Gateway module ( i haven't got the pin number to hand but i will check tomorrow). You need to apply a permanent 12 volts to the CAS input (pin 12 of connector X14261) on the FRM module otherwise it will shut down after a few seconds. I have used a setup like this for a couple of years now without any issues, i use all the BMW coding tools 2.12 coding software on it.


I am just now working on it and got some results:

Connected everything, FRM is running, KCAN is sending instantly.
I have checked the messages with a CAN Adapter, they seem valid.

I really need a JBE for the address translation between the different CAN's.
Are you sure I can use one from a E60? As far as I know a E60 doesn't have a FRM. The light is managed by the LCM.

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