2015.10V BMW ICOM ISTA-D not connected (solved)


I bought the 2015.10V BMW ICOM windows 7 HDD with ISTA-D 3.51 ISTA-P 3.56.

Packaged delivered fast within 5 days, the ISTA I use on Lenovo T420 the ISTA-P it working perfect but ISTA-D not connection and also the screen of ISTA-P is small (Picture attached ).
Solution from obd365.com:
  1. For the ISTA-P Screen Small Problem ,  please ICOM laptop do self-testing,checking if the device can connect ICOM system
  2. The ISTA-D not working, the picture showing it is your firmware version is old. Need update BMW ICOM A2 firmware to the latest version V1.40
I followed their suggestions and updated the ICOM Firmware to 1.40 , now everything is okay and working now !

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