Retrofit Bluetooth for BMW E90 with BMW ICOM NCS Expert

With BMW Bluetooth cellular phone system you can use the BMW steering wheel and radio controls to navigate your cellular phone phonebook, dial numbers, increase volume, etc.  The system also allows for the voice control of your cellular phone, voice control of your navigation system and notepad. Following is an instruction on coding BMW E9x models’ RAD control unit to enable Bluetooth for with BMW ICOM ISTA/D ISTA/P NCS-Expert engineering software.

BMW ICOM A2+B+C diagnostic system  
BMW ICOM Rheingold ISTA-D ISTA-P HDD NCS Expert software

Well install BMW IOCM NCS Expert software
Connect BMW icom a2+b+c hardware with vehicle via OBD socket
Press the key in and press start
Run INPA software and make sure the cable is well connected
Run NCS-Expert and select profile as “Revtor’s NCS Exprt Profile”, press OK
Run NCS-Expert and select profile

Press F3: ZCS/FA I. ECU
Select E89 for all E9x (90, 91, 92, 93)
Select E89

Choose “CAS” ECU module
The system will display vehicle VIN and VO
Press F6:Back button
NCS-expert software will display the modules available to get coded
Press F4:Process ECU
Select the RAD (Radio) control unit 2RAD
control unit 2RAD

Check enter SGET data and confirm it by click on OK
2RAD will get coded
Press F2:Change job
Select “CODIEREN -LESEN” job
Lesen=Read; Codieren=Code/Write;  SG=Control unit

Make sure jobname is selected to “CODIEREN -LESEN”
Press F3: Execute job
Coding completed
Check the files saved, locate FSW-PSW file (the data was just read from 2RAD module)
locate FSW-PSW file
Open the FSW-PSW file
Enter “Bluetooth” on Find target blank
Delete “nicht-” under BLUETOOTH-RAD2 option
Enter “ulf” in Find target blank
Again delete “nicht-” under ULF option
Save rename the file as “FSW-PSW. man”
Back to NCS-Expert coding program, press F2: Change job
Select SG-CODIEREN, make sure jobname= SG-CODIEREN
NCS will now copy the modified FSW-PSW to 2RAD
Press F3: Execute job
Test audio and Bluetooth function

Exit the NCS-Expert software and disable BMW ICOM A2 system after Bluetooth is completely activated. 

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