Code and register BMW E60 battery with NCS expert

When you get your car’s battery changed, the new battery must be registered. Change of battery capacity or type (regular/AGM) requires coding. It can be done with BMW ICOM ISTA/P engineering software NCS-Expect.

Tool needed:
BMW ICOM a2 diagnostic system or INPA K+DCAN cable
BMW ICOM ISTA/P ISTA/D software HDD with engineering software NCS-expert


Coding battery/Change battery size with NCS-expert:

1.       Well install BMW ICOM software HDD and NCS Expert software
2.       Connect BMW ICOM A2+B+C OBD2 diagnostic tool with vehicle via USB or wifi wireless connection
3.       Open NCS-expert software on the desktop
4.       Select File tab>>Load File>>Expert Mode, press OK
5.       Press F1: VIN/ZCS/FA button
6.       Press F3: CS/FA f. EC button, select Chassis type: E60, press OK
7.       Select ECU type: CAS, press OK
8.       Press F6: Back button. Then press F1: VIN/ZCS/FA button
9.       Press F2: Enter FA button, select Chassis type:E60, press OK
10.   Enter VIN program will display Vehicle VIN, press OK
11.   Find out and locate VO for old battery (-B090) > highlight –B090 and press delete on keyboard in Enter FA program
12.   Enter VO/FA number in the drop-down list on Attribute text field, click Add, press OK
13.   Press F6:Back button
14.   Press F4: Process ECU button, select ECU type: CAS, press OK
15.   Press F2: Change Job, select FA-WRITE option in job selection menu, press OK
16.   Press F3: Execute Job button
17.   Confirm the CAS module is selected and the job name is equal to FA-WRITE
18.   Press F1:Change ECU button, select ECU type: FRM, press OK
19.   Confirm the FRM module is selected and the job name is equal to FA-WRITE
20.   Press F3:Execute Job button
21.   FA-write job is ended
22.   Press F6:Back button
23.   After FA is changes, recode CAS and FRM
24.   Select CAS>>Process Module>>CAS>>Select job: SG_CODIERUNG>>press F3:Execute Job
25.   Exit the BMW ICOM Ncs-expert software

Register battery with Ediabas Toolset32:

1.       Open EDIABAS Toolset32 software on the desktop
2.       Select Datei > SGBD, Gruppendatei Laded > Select MSD80.PRG > Click Open
3.       Highlight steuern_batterietausch_registri
4.       Select Job and click Job Einmal Ausfuhren (run job once)
5.       The job runs and the display the result Job_status = okay
6.       Exit the Toolset32 software

7.       Disconnect the BMW ICOM diagnostic system.

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