How to Enter into Super BMW ICOM A2 Engineer Software?

I own one Super version BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic & programming tool, it is a great tool in my past work. Not long ago, I encounter a problem when I want to do coding for a not so old bmw cars-2003 bmw 525i E60 model, i want to re code a radio came from another car which was coded before. I tried using icom to do the coding but it say radio need to replace. When i went to a bmw dealer they told me it cant be coded by icom coz it will recommend to replace the radio coz icom can only code brand new radio (not coded before).

I ask the guy where i bought the used radio, that he told me to get a frogman or ncs expert to do the coding which will solve the problem. So I want to buy those software from obdii365.com. But their technician told me that I can use the icom to re code the radio by the icom engineer version software. I used to code by the ISTA-P to code but it cannot push thru, it just go back to the same page after i chose coding radio. The reason that I failed to code the radio by icom before, is that I was not access engineer version software correctly.

The correct way to enter engineer software:
after starting icom, and input the password, you will see following picture, you should choose the option with red market in the following pic:

​Then you can enter into the engineer version software, and continue do the radio coding.

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