Rheingold ISTA 4.03.21 Standalone Free Download

Thanks to a forum member shared with all guys the ISTA 4.03.21 Standalone version with HW check removed and the available NOFASTA option. Free download links below.
Rheingold ISTA 4.03.21

The NOFASTA option DLL is in the TesterGUI\bin\Release directory. To enable, rename the existing RheingoldSessionController.dll file to something else then rename RheingoldSessionController.NOFASTA.dll to RheingoldSessionController.dll
Free download
Note: it’s shared by a forum member, have not tested by our engineer, you may try it at your own risk.
BMW Rheingold ISTA Standalone-Mega:
SQLiteDBs inside.rar for 4.03.21 ENGLISH ONLY (NO SDP)
Just extract them into the "SQLiteDBs" folder


BMW ISTA 4.03.21 Delta Database: (EN-DE-Global-Meta)

Rheingold 4.03.21 Compatible device:
BMW ISTA Rheingold 4.03.21 basic information:
Module (ECU) errors reading and clearing
Gearbox (transmission) and engine adaptations erasing
Fuel injectors control, correction amount real time viewing, injector registering
Engine mountings testing
Mass air flow (MAF) testing and registering. Whole air system testing
EGR system control and testing
Turbocharger and related components control and testing
Diesel particulate filter regeneration (DPF)
Battery replacement
Oil change and service interval reset
Wiring diagrams, live data, repair instructions, technical documents etc
Programming, vehicle retrofit, mirror coding, FSC codes adding or updating etc

And many more other functions

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