How to code RDC antenna on BMW F25 via ICOM E-sys

I recently replaced the RDC antenna on my X3 and it needs to be encoded to work. I currently have BMW ICOM A2 ISTA+ and E-sys with a BMW ENET cable.  I've played with ESYS and got it working, but I'm not sure if flashing the RDC will encode the antenna. Then I took the expert advice to code but not flash with Esys in order to code the module.

Final solution:

Got it done finally. For anyone else in the same boat with a corroded antenna. The RDC antenna on the F25 X3 is just behind the rear passenger wheel. It takes about 5 seconds to disconnect the old one and replace it with a new one. Then it needs to be encoded. Using BMW ENET Esys F-series coding software:

Once connected : -

Expert Mode-Coding

Read FA

Activate FA

Read SVT

Select the 'RDC' ECU

Detect CAFD for SWE

Choose the CAFD you want

Click Code

So basically it's injecting a CAFD file into the module since there wasn't one before.

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