BMW ICOM E-sys disable M5 Active Sound Design ASD

Here are two ways to disable Active Sound Design on M5 by coding with BMW ICOM A2 + E-sys interface, or by removing the ASD module from the trunk.

Method 1 – coding with BMW ICOM emulator
Connect to your car
esys-disable-ASD (1)
Choose target chassis F010
esys-disable-ASD (2)
Read FA
esys-disable-ASD (3)
Read SVT
esys-disable-ASD (4)
Right click on the ASD module -> “Read Coding data
then right click on the CAFD and “Edit”.
Enter your PIN and edit the following parameters: (Disable Active Sound Design Values)
esys-disable-ASD (5)
Save the changes, click back, “Activate FA” and “Code FDL
Disabling ASD complete.

Note: This mod should work on all BMW F10 M5 cars

Method II – removing the ASD Module
Turn down the back seat. You have to remove the covers on the floor (the big one) and the left one. You also have to lift the rubber seal a little beat so that you can remove the backplane.
Almost everything is fixed with press buttons which you can remove safely. Finally you can use them again to put everything together.
After you remove the left cover you have access to the ASD module. Just unplug the connector and fix it with a cable strap.
We’re currently working on a switch/button to enable/disable ASD from the rear trunk
ASD with the original exhaust is fine.

esys-disable-ASD (6)
esys-disable-ASD (7)
esys-disable-ASD (8)
It is pretty invasive and done by removing the ASD module from the trunk; while it`s much easier to disable ASD by coding with E-sys software and the car will remain stock, in case you want to sell it you can always revert back to the default settings in 5 minutes. Some people like the feeling of having your head under the hood, and the sound gets even louder when changing on Sport and Sport+ modes.

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