Free download BMW ICOM ISTA-D 3.53 Rheingold and installation

Here obdii365.com introduces 2 ways of installing BMW ICOM A2 Ista-D Rheingold based on our customers’ experience.
The first is if you have a proper installer (msi) and the second i call spoog en plak.

1. The proper installer is if you are running the whole package Ispi, Ista-D and Ista-P, KSD and ETK etc. so it will work like the dealer software where everything is linked together with ISPI.

2. Spoog en Plak is if you are just running ista-D

If you have down loaded the MSI and only running ista_D forget about it.
Just download base file in my previous post in this thread.

1. Delete the previous version
2. Run RGCleaner
3. Unzip base files to program files
4. Using 7Zip extract SqLiteDbs to Rheingold folder.
5. Send shortcut to desktop and run program
6. The License file is in Rheingold folder to register

If you are running Ispi and need to update you first have to modify the MSI Installer with SuperOrca

Here is a new update
SQLiteDbs 3.53.13
3.53.13 BASE

As for Iceman007 comment on E46
I normally get the BMW INPA K+DCan cable with the switch- it makes life easier.
You can buy or build an adapter cable that will join pin 7 & 8.
The E46 was more K-Line so for communication pin 7 & 8 must be joined.
It is by downloading very large files from various places.
Here is a version on torrent. 
KSD 12/2015

ETK 01/2016

As requested KSD and ETK


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